State’s COVID landscape shifting; positivity rate in region tops 10%


While the coronavirus pandemic is not over, the landscape is changing, officials say.

In recent weeks, officials have pointed to infection rates that are experiencing a slight climb in some regions and a leveling off in other areas.

In a Tuesday statewide report from Gov. Kathy Hochul’s office, it was reported that there were 14 statewide deaths due to the virus, and the seven-day average infection positivity rate was 7.12%. There were 1,726 people hospitalized due to the virus.

In a Wednesday count, those same data points across New York reflected, 19 virus-related deaths were reported across New York and the seven-day positivity rate was clocked at 7.09%. Further, there were 1,774 people hospitalized.

The state reported regional seven-day infection positivity rates: Central New York measured 11.66%; the Mohawk
Valley was set at 10.33% and the North Country was 8.88%.

Efforts to curb the virus, remain intact. “We have the tools to move forward safely through this pandemic —  vaccines, boosters, tests and treatment,” Hochul said in a Wednesday statement. “If you haven’t already, schedule your vaccination and get boosted for additional protection as soon as you’re eligible. Remember to get tested if you’re feeling sick, and if you are positive, talk to your doctor about treatment..”


Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top disease expert, has given an upbeat assessment of the current state of the coronavirus in the United States, saying the country is “out of the pandemic phase” when it comes to new infections, hospitalizations and deaths, but that it appears to be making a transition to COVID-19 becoming an endemic disease — occurring regularly in certain areas.

Fauci said on the PBS “NewsHour” this week, the coronavirus remains a pandemic for much of the world.

The Biden administration has stressed that the nation has more tools — vaccinations, booster shots and medications — to better handle infections than earlier in the pandemic.

U.S. cases are far lower than they were in recent months. But health officials are keeping a close eye as highly contagious variants continue to spread. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says cases have risen about 25% in the past week.

Also this week, government researchers say three out of every four U.S. children have been infected with the coronavirus. Among Americans of all ages, more than half had signs of previous infection. 

The figures come from a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study released Tuesday. It looked in the blood of more than 200,000 Americans for virus-fighting antibodies made from infections, not vaccines.

They found that signs of past infection rose dramatically between December and February, when the omicron variant surged. CDC officials stress that the previously infected should still get COVID-19 vaccines.

For more information, statewide COVID-19 information and data (including county-based data breakouts) has been collected in one online spot at:

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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