State prison system has been degraded


The NYS Department of Correctional & Community Services has become a joke. A few days ago, a correction sergeant was exposed to a drug concoction while he was monitoring the inmate mail coming into the Midstate Correctional Facility. Correction officers are assaulted by the convicts on a regular basis. The state in its “benevolence” has virtually done away with the Special Housing Units in each facility where the most violent inmates are punished after a due process hearing.

Let’s be clear, the DOCCS is going to hell in a hand basket. When I was a sergeant at Oneida Correctional Facility in Rome (now closed), I solved seven stabbings (inmate on inmate), got written confessions with Miranda Warnings to insure the confession was admissible in court. One day the deputy superintendent said he needed to talk to me. He said Albany no longer wanted me to give Miranda Warnings when I got confessions during an investigation. I pointed out that the confessions would no longer be admissible in court. He responded, “Albany doesn’t care.” 

This is an example of what the state prison system has been degraded by this governor and his “Acting Commissioner.” This “Commissioner” used to be the department lawyer and has absolutely zero experience working with inmates in any capacity. 

— Walter E. Beverly III, Rome


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