State hasn’t reformed justice system


The New York State legislature together with the governor think they have reformed criminal justice. In fact they have further endangered the citizens of New York State.

While the elimination of bail for “minor offenses” which include what they are terming “minor felonies” (there is no such thing except in the minds of these “reformers”) is lauded by the Left, we must look at what will be the end result.

Currently in Rome, there are 700-plus outstanding warrants 90 percent of which are “bench warrants” i.e.: warrants for offenders who have not returned to court for “minor offenses”. To begin with most “minor offenses” have not had bail but were given what is called an appearance ticket. I predict that the number of warrants will increase dramatically with offenders not reappearing in court as required as a result of this so called “reform.” It seems that a large number of law enforcement officials agree with me.

There use to be a program in New York City called “broken windows”. In that program when the police made arrests for “minor offenses” crime dropped dramatically. To coin a phrase, take care of the small things and the big things take care of themselves.

— Walter E. Beverly III, Rome


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