Sprinkles with that?


According to polls, Americans used to prefer vanilla ice cream to all other flavors, but it lost that crown a few years ago. Today, chocolate is the top choice, preferred by almost a third of consumers.

Among them, apparently, is a woman who showed up at a Rally’s fast food restaurant in a Saint Louis neighborhood called the Central West End in the wee hours one morning last month.

The woman ordered chocolate ice cream. When she was told the restaurant had run out, and only had vanilla left, she didn’t take the news well. She allegedly had a meltdown, spat on workers, then took an aluminum baseball bat to the windows of the restaurant. She also allegedly threatened three people.

Following the incident, the suspect got into a grey SUV and drove away. Police are looking for her.

We guess the moral of the story is that there’s nothing wrong about having an urge for ice cream late at night, but you should be flexible with your choice of flavors. Sometimes you’ll have to adjust.


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