Speak out against book bans


We know that banning books is not new. The current attempts by some politicians and groups using the justification of parents’ rights are, however, even more dangerous to our freedoms. Actual laws are being introduced and passed to not only support censorship, but to even criminalize teachers and librarians. Since January of 2021, 35 states have introduced legislation limiting access to information regarding race, history, sexual orientation and gender identity.

The purpose of a library is to provide the public access to information. Limiting information cripples our youth in dealing with the real-world issues they will face. Critical thinking and analytical skills develop by gathering all information – including differing points of view, weighing opinions, and forming conclusions based on that information.

A book on a library shelf does not force compulsory reading of that book. What kind of society are we moving to where access to knowledge, opinions and experiences are controlled and banned? Do you want to be told what you and your children can and cannot read?

Withholding or providing only selected information is indoctrination and ignorance NOT protection and education. That is what book banning is all about. Speak out. Support your libraries. Don’t let our country become a place where fear and hate replace understanding and acceptance.

— Katherine Wojciechowski, Oneida Castle


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