Small acts can help grow Kingdom of God


Ezekiel 17:22-24, 2 Corinthians 5:5-10, and Mark 4:26-34

In our church liturgical calendar, we return to ordinary time having celebrated Lent and Easter.

But “ordinary time” should not be understood as unimportant time.

Rather that, for the next 21 weeks, we will mine the riches of the mystery of Christ in an ordered way, ponder all that we have celebrated in Easter, and perhaps even reflect on this long-forgotten Lenten resolutions.

And we will continue to give thanks for God’s faithfulness and presence in our lives and in the life of His Church.

In our scriptures today there’s a phrase that could summarize our readings: Small is beautiful! Indeed, as we survey the life of faith, it is often the small or insignificant that is the focus of God’s presence.

The young David slayed Goliath and became a great king. Paul, whose name means small, became a celebrated Evangelist and preacher.

Teresa of Calcutta began with a few rupees and a mission, and became a saint whose work continues to inspire millions.

Yes, small is beautiful! Jesus uses the images of the sower and the small seed to help explain the Kingdom.

Despite our illusions, the work of faith is ultimately God’s work — as silent and unseen as the growing seed. We are called like the sower to prepare the ground and to be generous in sowing, but then to step back and allow the Lord to bring forth the harvest.

Jesus takes this image further — small though it may be, the mustard seed has the potential to be the largest of all shrubs.

In other words, one cannot judge the size and potential of anything by its initial size, least of all the Kingdom of God.

Like the mustard seed that grows to be a large shrub in which the birds will find shelter, so the Kingdom must grow to offer shelter to all nations.

It must become like Ezekiel’s tree — majestic and full of the fruits of the Kingdom.

Saint Paul reminds us in Corinthians to be courageous — to remember that our ultimate destiny is not of this world, no matter how tempting or convenient they may be.

Aware that we must all give an account of our lives, we must be people of prayer, who are constantly growing in our faith.

We must know that our efforts, even if they seem small and insignificant will be blessed by the Lord.

Have a wonderful week with the Lord!


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