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Six area grapplers earn top seeds for Section III tournament

Steve Jones
Sports writer
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Posted 2/8/23

Six local wrestlers are top seeds in their weight classes for this weekend’s Section III tournament.

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Six area grapplers earn top seeds for Section III tournament


Six local wrestlers are top seeds in their weight classes for this weekend’s Section III tournament.

The event takes place Saturday at the SRC Arena in Syracuse, with wrestling starting at 9:15 a.m. There are two divisions, one for large schools and one for smaller schools.

State tournament bids are on the line.

In Division I — large schools — there are two locals who earned number one seeds. Adam Munz of Vernon-Vernona-Sherrill (27-4) is the top seed at 110 pounds. VVS teammate Charlie Foster (34-3) is the top seed at 152.

Here are the other local wrestlers and their seeds in Division I, by weight class:

102. New Hartford/Sauquoit Valley’s William Griffith (6-6) is the 10 seed.

118. VVS’ Brendan Futter (12-14) is the eight seed.

126. Mike Caruso of New Hartford/Sauquoit Valley (27-11) is the six seed.

132. VVS’ Andrew Eastman (16-13) is the eigth seed and Joe Dare of Whitesboro (23-16) is the nine seed.

138. Rome Free Academy’s Chad Tennant (14-2) is the three seed and VVS’ Keian Collins (7-7) is the ninth seed.

145. VVS’ Kody Foster (25-5) is the five seed.

160. Patrick Barres of New Hartford/Sauquoit Valley (14-15) is the eight seed.

172. Whitesboro’s Brady Murphy (14-11) is seeded fifth and VVS’ Kaden Wickham (19-14) is the eight seed.

189. Whitesboro’s Noah Long (11-15) is the nine seed.

285. Chris Belmonte of New Hartford/Sauquoit Valley (25-0) is the three seed.

The four local grapplers to earn top seeds in Division II, the smaller schools, are Canastota’s Culley Bellino (37-0) at 132, Sixx Cook of Central Valley Academy (43-2) at 152, Jordan of Koenig of Holland Patent (38-1) at 172 and Camden’s Josh Salsman (34-3) at 285.

Here are the other local wrestlers and their seeds in Division II, by weight class:

102. CVA’s Jacob Hurd (40-6) is the two seed, Nate Verri of Little Falls (24-9) is the three seed, HP’s Andrew Juliano (22-15) is the seven seed, Seth Strain of Adirondack (28-11) is the eight seed, HP’s Davian Phan (17-13) is the nine seed, Ben Dziuban of Mount Markham (18-15) is the 10 seed, South Lewis’ Connor Carpenter (15-15) is the 11 seed and Bradyn Hatzinger of Camden (9-16) is the 13 seed.

110. Camden’s Talon Kimball (27-10) is third-seeded, Adirondack’s Cole Croniser (30-8) is fourth, Eli Doxstader of HP (36-6) is fifth, Canastota’s Evan Bixby (15-19) is 11th and South Lewis’ Nolan Widrick (6-19) is 14th.

118. CVA’s Gene Edwards (44-5) is the two seed, Camden’s Keith Seaton (23-9) is third, Camden’s Carson Mantelli (23-8) is fourth, Adirondack’s Jonah Sturtevant (21-19) is the nine seed, South Lewis’ Marek Morrison (14-15) is 10th, HP’s Nick Pekola (10-15) is 12th and Canastota’s Landon Lawrence (4-18) is 14th.

126. Camden’s Kolton Kelley (34-4) is second, Dolgeville’s Grayson Eggleston (26-6) is fifth, Dolgeville’s Caleb Herringshaw (15-14) is 12th and Little Falls’ Braysen Richard (16-16) is 13th.

132. Camden’s Trey Kimball (20-1) is second, Dolgeville’s Bryce Mosher (21-13) is sixth, HP’s Anthony Phan (30-12) is seventh, Braedon Sanderson (24-19) is 10th and Rhylie Gudridge of South Lewis (18-19) is 14th.

138. CVA’s Cooper Reed (45-6) is second, Little Falls’ Matt Verri (35-4) is fourth, CVA’s Aden Mead (32-8) is fifth, Dolgeville’s Nate Randall (19-15) is 11th, Little Falls’ Colton Wheet (26-12) is 12th, Adirondack’s Braden White (26-18) is 13th and Canastota’s Luken Gaiser (21-15) is 14th.

145. CVA’s Santino Curley (32-15) is sixth, Camen’s Donnor Meagher (23-15) is 11th and Little Falls’ Brandon Harrington (17-15) is 13th.

152. Camden’s Sean Seymore (31-6) is second, Canastota’s Logan Mead (30-11) is fifth, Adam Stowell of HP (20-9) is 10th and Adirondack’s Evan Williams (14-18) is 14th.

160. HP’s Trent True (33-6) is the two seed, Cole Wheet of CVA (34-13) is third, Camden’s Lyle Walker (29-11) is fourth, Raymond Hennessey of Adirondack (30-10) is sixth, Canastota’s Scott Winchell (24-12) is seventh, Isaac Gibson of South Lewis (24-11) is eighth, Erik Deking of Mount Markham (27-8) is ninth, Braeden Pridgeon of Adirondack (25-15) is 10th and Canastota’s Jake Backus (5-12) is 14th.

172. South Lewis’ Aidan Highers (25-7), Brad Burke of Mount Markham (30-6) is fifth, Canastota’s Jake Winchell (17-12) is sixth and Camden’s Robert Jackson (13-15) is 12th.

189. Jared Bilinski of Dolgeville (29-2) is second, CVA’s Ethan Randall (45-4) is third, Keeran Timerman of Canastota (27-12) is fourth, Matt Marks of South Lewis (25-8) is fifth, Gabe Herringshaw of Dolgeville (17-12) is seventh, Adirondack’s Mason Sturtevant (19-19) is 11th and HP’s Anthony Amidon (16-19) is 14th.

215. Mount Markham’s Dominic Jones (24-5) is the two seed, Adirondack’s Isaac Croniser (34-10) is third, CVA’s Sal Fresco (32-13) is fourth and HP’s Nick Deforrest (22-17) is seventh.

285. Colin White of Adirondack (40-3) is second, CVA’s Jeremy McRedmond (37-11) is fourth and Dolgeville’s Carter Madison (7-18) is 14th.


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