Situation was blown out of proportion


I have known Denver DeRuby for roughly thirteen years and he has always been a wonderful person. A great friend to many, a well disciplined lover of martial arts, the blacksmith arts, indie film extra acting and sharing with others the benefits of outdoor survival. I personally have always wanted to learn the basics of outdoor survival, like starting a fire with limited resources or how to manufacture decent shelter if you are ever in a predicament to where you need to survive.

I think people really get the wrong idea when someone has an interest in crafting artisenal weaponry. Today’s society mocks “preppers”. They assume people who have the desire to be well prepared are delusional and foolish. When in reality, a prepared man is never surprised. It’s truly disappointing to see people not only be so closed minded, blinded and judgemental but so unaware.

Could things have been handled differently? Yes. I think this whole situation was just something that was blown way out of proportion and was a mistake that should have been constructed more appropriately. Denver has been very beneficial to many in our local communities. He is a freelance personal trainer promoting body positvity and encouragement to so many, making women aware of how important self defense is now a days, he has worked charitable events himself and along side me for a multitude of local organizations and families. He is not a violent being and would never harm someone for no reason. He is a protector. A good man, someone who just had hobbies. Because they were different than what you may like doesn’t make them wrong. His hobbies did not cause harm to anyone, they didn’t cause a negative influence to anyone’s life and he most certainly never used any weaponry against anyone.

— Heide Winkelman, Rome


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