Siblings take home top prizes in Big Pumpkin, Giant Sunflower contest


On Saturday, Oct. 10, at Delta Plumbing and Building Supply, The Gardeners of Rome announced the winners of this year’s Big Pumpkin/ Giant Sunflower Contest.

“It was a tough year with a long hot summer, an early frost and some plants that did not survive the critters,” Debbie Evans, president of Gardeners of Rome, noted.

Winners for 2020 are:

Ages 5-11: Pumpkin

1st Place: Caleb Beers, with a 59 lb pumpkin

2nd Place: Elijah Beers, with a 54 lb pumpkin

Ages 5-11: Sunflower

1st Place: Griffin Pritchard, with a 20” flower head

2nd Place: Melanie Beers, with a 13” flower head

Ages 12-17: Pumpkin

Delanie Pritchard, with a 13 lb pumpkin

The sunflowers were measured for overall flower head size by measuring the circumference and the width and adding them together. The pumpkins were weighed.

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