Sheriff’s Office honors more than 100 during ceremony


MARCY —More than 100 members of the Oneida County Sheriff’s Department were recognized on Monday at the state Homeland Security State Preparedness Training Center.

Oneida County Sheriff Robert M. Maciol recognized these individuals for a variety of achievements and actions during 2016 as well as longevity of service. 

The ceremony included special acknowledgements to the Oneida County District Attorney’s Office, Utica Police Department, State Police, state Department of Corrections & Community Supervision, FBI, Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, U.S. Attorney’s Office and members of Correctional Medical Care.

Among those recognized for longtime service included:

20 years — Tina Combs, principal clerk; and Nancy Majdak, principal clerk.

5 years — Renee Beckwith, office manager; Virginia Truax, principal clerk.

Good Conduct

35 years — Officer Robert Johnstone;

30 years — Inv. Joseph Gualtieri; Sgt. Denise Luker; and Lt. Ronald Townsend;

25 years — Officer William Balsamico; Officer Roy Laughinghouse; Officer Anthony Walker; Sgt. Peter Kallaur; Sgt. Joseph Surace; and Lt. Christine Reilly;

20 years — Officer Scott Burnop; Officer Ronald Carollo; Officer Thomas Daniels; Officer Kim Hogan; Officer Darrell VanPelt; Officer Michael Webb; Inv. Christopher Ferguson; Inv. Richard Paul; Sgt. Thomas Pietruch; and Sgt. Craig Stockhauser;

15 years — Mary Lynn Hanus, court attendant; Officer Louis Howard; Officer Todd Woodland; Deputy Charles Haynes; Deputy Alicia Marconi; Deputy Kristen Swenszkowski; Inv. Melissa Bolton; Inv. John Ford; Sgt. Charles Clark; and Lt. Deborah Harris;

10 years — Edward Aubert, court attendant; Becky Covey, court attendant; Randall Hill, court attendant; Officer Christopher Fehr, court security; Officer Bradlee Chapman;

Officer Bridget Decker; Officer Mark Franco; Officer James Magee; Officer Muhamed Rekic; Inv. Toby Lindfield; Sgt. Michael Lalonde; and Sgt. Robert West

5 years — Officer Joseph Davies; Officer Lindsay Huckabone; Officer Scott Sadlowski; Inv. Michael Ladd Jr.;

Ready Commendation — Inv. Joseph Gualtieri; Sgt. Denise Luker; Lt. Ronald Townsend; Mary Lynn Hanus, court attendant; Officer Craig Brothers; Officer Leland Hight; Officer Louis Howard;

Officer John McGrath; Officer Todd Woodland; Deputy Charles Haynes; Deputy Sheriff Norman Lyke; Deputy Alicia Marconi; Deputy Kristen Swenszkowski; Inv. Melissa Bolton; Inv. John Ford; Sgt. Charles Clark; and Lt. Deborah Harris;

Educational Achievement — Undersheriff Robert Swenszkowski;

Executive Education — Undersheriff Robert Swenszkowski;

Promotion of Grade — Inv. Kevin Miller; and Cpl. Jesse

Grand Cordon — Officers Lyndsey Brognano; John Curley; Adis Delonivic; Eugene Elwood; Jeremy Fahey; Roxanne Hazlett; Matthew Heinrich; Merzul Hozanovic; Robert Iffert; Scott Kinville; Kyle Kuc; Daniel Liberatore;

Quintino Liberta; Richard Lutz; James Magee; Curtis Morgan; David Patrick; Andrew Patterson; Daniel Patterson; Luis Roman; Scott Sadlowski; Mark Wagner; Todd Woodland; deputies Aaron Avard; Michael Baker; Eric Cappelli;

Jesse Christian; Mark Chrysler; Edward Constantine; Robert Frankland; David LaPlante; Stephen Leuthauser; Alicia Marconi; Lauren Marleau; Jason Osika/K9 Cero; Lisa Pearsall; Carey Phair; Aaron Silverman; Brandon Rutledge; Brian Warcup; Cpl. Ryan Matt; Cpl. Jesse Tuthill

Grand Cordon — Investigators Daniel Brown; Dean Famolaro; Christopher Ferguson; Grant Langheinrich; Christopher Paravati; Richard Paul; Fred Peck; Michael Simmons; sergeants James Danquer; Kristina Devoe; Michael Lalonde;

Denise Luker; Michael Miles; Thomas Pietruch; Lakesha Simmons; Clayton Smith; Craig Stockhauser; Joseph Surace; Timothy Wilcox; Lt. Robert Nelson; Lt. Tim O’Halloran; Lt. Ronald Townsend; Capt. Randy Pflieger; Capt. Lisa Zurek; Chief Deputy Jonathan Owens; Chief Deputy Gregory Pflieger; Undersheriff Robert Swenszkowski; and Sheriff Robert Maciol.

Special Recognition — Correctional medical care staff; Julie Nagel-Barker; Nancy Snyder-Potaczala; Lisa Nagel; Nicole Brundage; Marcella Knapp;

Oneida County District Attorney’s Office; Utica Police Department; State Police; state Dept. of Corrections & Community Supervision; FBI; Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; U.S. Attorney’s Office; and Correctional Medical Care;

Honorable Service — Special Patrol Officer John Liggins;

Exceptional Service — Deputy Richard Stanek; Inv. Mark VanNamee; Lt. Robert Nelson; Lt. James Paravati;

K9 Commendation — Deputy Jason Osika and K9 Cero;

Drug Buster — Officer Bryan Davies; Officer Roxanne Hazlett; and Inv. Toby Lindfield;

Life Saving — Officer Dawn Kahler; Officer Casey Lewis; Officer Joseph Murray; Deputy Mark Chrysler; and Sgt. John Bulischeck;

Meritorious Service — Deputy John Cusack; Deputy Travis Kinderman; Deputy Michael Ladd Jr.; Deputy Carey Phair; Deputy Brandon Rutledge; Inv. Grant Langheinrich; and Sgt. Craig Stockhauser;

Sheriff’s Special Recognition — Supervising Special Patrol Officer Michael Siriano; and Supervising Special Patrol Officer Thomas Yoxall;

The Patriot — Deputy Sheriff Stephen Manley.


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