Sheriff’s job is to maintain staff levels


Sheriff Robert Maciol piles it high and deep. The staff shortage is due to the idea — propagated by “powers that be” — it’s cheaper paying overtime than hiring new help. Here are some pertinent facts for you:

First, overtime rate is 1 1/2 times the hourly rate plus the cost to the pension fund, and lost time when an officer calls in sick because he is overworked, thus adding to the problem. 

Second, the cost to train an officer which amounts to about his/her salary plus benefits (and he hasn’t worked a day in the jail), salary of the training staff and his On The Job Training after time in the academy. Every time an officer quits, that’s money lost, adding to the problem. 

Third, every law enforcement agency has the same retention problem the sheriff alludes to, but this problem here at the Oneida County Jail is due to mismanagement, not hiring new officers when a staff quits for whatever reason. It is far cheaper to maintain staff levels than to pay overtime in spite of what the politicians and the sheriff say. 

Fourth, the sheriff is making excuses, blaming his problem on “facts of life.” Maciol’s job is to maintain staff levels, not make excuses.

— Walter E Beverly III, Rome


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