Sheriff warns of new scam involving ‘hired assassins’ and text messages


A new scam involving purported “hired assassins” alerting potential “victims” through text messages has been reported in the area and the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office urges you to not believe the lies, according to an announcement by the local law enforcers.

Sheriff Robert M. Maciol said the new scam involves the victim receiving a text message from someone claiming that they have been hired to assassinate the victim, but they have a conscience and are willing to spare the victim’s life for a ransom fee.

The scammer also uses basic personal information about the victim, such as the victim’s home address, to add fuel to their story, the sheriff’s office announcement adds.

Maciol said it is believed the home address was obtained through a simple internet search.

The Sheriff’s Office urges anyone who receives such a text message to not panic and to not respond to the texts.

The department urges anyone who receives such a text message not to click on any links within the texts and to not provide any banking or personal financial information to the sender.

The assassination texts are a scam, officials said.

Anyone who receives such a text should report it to their local law enforcement agency, the sheriff’s announcement said.

The Sheriff’s Office can be reached at 315-736-0141.


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