Sea dog shows perseverance


Dogs tend to be famous for their perseverance. Some have walked hundreds of miles in search of their owners. Others have been known to sit for days or weeks on top of the gravesite of their deceased owners. They just don’t give up.

Then there’s the dog in Thailand that inexplicably was sighted swimming in the ocean about 135 miles offshore.

How far the dog swam was unclear. It might have fallen off a boat. But no one doubts he swam a long, long way, possibly for days on end, and refused to give up despite overwhelming exhaustion.

The seas were so rough when the dog approached an oil rig, workers had a hard time fishing him out.

They finally succeeded, dried him off to calm his uncontrollable shivering, then gave him plenty of water and warm broth. “His eyes were so sad. He just kept looking up just like he wanted to say, ‘please help me,’” rig worker Vitisak Payalaw told CNN.

The dog, nicknamed Boonrod, which means “survivor,” eventually was boated to shore for veterinary care. Adoption by Payalaw is pending if no one claims Boonrod.


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