School district reviews post by teacher


The Rome school district is reviewing a situation with legal counsel and the state Education Department involving a district teacher’s social media post against “white privileged Trump supporters.”

The post by Brandon Mendoza which included profanities said in part, “just want to remind the white privileged Trump supporters, who are eerily silent of late, that you’re scum and yourself a plague upon the world. I hope the universe blesses you with infertility and the inability to (urinate) without it hurting.....”

Another portion of the post said “if you’re family or consider yourself a close friend and voted for him....I will gladly take a bereavement day at the spa when you expire.”

Rome school district Superintendent Peter C. Blake said in a tweet message Wednesday, “thank you to everyone who reached out to express their concern and disappointment caused by the comments of a @romecsd staff member. Our district believes in equity & tolerance and the individuals’s comments do not reflect those values.

While we cannot speak publicly about personnel-related issues, I can assure you that we are addressing the situation with our legal counsel and the state Education Department,” Blake further said. “On behalf of all @romecsd employees, I am sorry that our school community was represented in such a negative light.”

When asked later if his tweet was in regard to a district teacher’s social media message against Trump supporters, Blake said “my tweet was in reference to a staff member wishing harm on people” and was “nothing to do with politics.”

Blake added “hate is hate, and wishing harm on people is not OK...regardless of political opinions or viewpoints of the world. It is not what public schools anywhere represent and certainly not the ideals of our school community in Rome.”


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