Scams target seniors with Medicare


Seniors with Medicare are being widely targeted by scammers trying to take advantage of coronavirus fears, according to the New York Alliance Against Insurance Fraud.

Scammers are offering free testing kits, vaccines and supplies, while promising their victims that Medicare will pay for it all, officials said.

According to the Alliance, scammers are using phishing emails, robocalls, door-to-door salesmen, pop-up street testing sites, bogus hotlines and even visits to senior centers for tests.

The point of these scams is to urge seniors to reveal their Medicare number, along with other personal data like their social security number and credit card information. Officials said these con artists are trying to exploit seniors’ fears of infection as an older age group.

Safety tips:

Ignore unsolicited requests for your Medicare, credit card or other personal information from strangers.

Do not respond to robocalls, texts or emails from strangers, or door-to-door solicitors. Deal only with sources you know and trust.

There is no such thing as “free” tests, medicines, treatments or vaccines for the COVID-19 virus. These are a sham and should be ignored.

Consult a trusted doctor or other health provider to check your medical status concerning the coronavirus.

Do not click on email links from unknown sources. Clicking may download a computer virus or malware.

If you suspect COVID-19 fraud, contact the National Center for Disaster Fraud hotline at 866-720-5721.


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