Say hello to lovely senior lady Colette


Greetings everyone:

My name is Colette. I am 13 years young, an extremely gentle and loving soul and more than ready to settle into my forever home.

I enjoy receiving lots of attention and I will give back tons of affection. I prefer not to be held, but I will follow people around and just chatter away about life. I don’t ask for much, Winston, but I will give everything I have to that “special someone.”

Thank you, and much love,Colette

Dear Colette:

You are an absolutely stunning lady — and you don’t look a day over seven!

Readers, adopting a senior cat would be one of the best things you could ever do. Good luck, sweet Colette.

Sincerely, Winston

of older pets:

Older pets actually have several advantages over their younger counterparts. Because adopting senior pets is so crucial to saving their lives, it’s essential to know and share these four key benefits: 

Predictable personalities: While the personalities of kittens change as they grow up, the personalities of adult animals are fully formed, which makes them more predictable. That doesn’t mean adult cats can’t learn. In fact, they can be amazingly adaptive.

Older cats may settle in more quickly: By the time adult cats are grown up, they are used to experiencing new sights and sounds. These animals acclimate more easily due to their typically calmer dispositions, their familiarity with home environments, and their experiences living with other animals.

Less need for constant monitoring: Adult cats require less supervision than kittens, who sometimes can’t distinguish between safe situations and dangerous ones. If you have children in the home, keep in mind that every cat is unique. Some are great with newborns or high-energy kids, while others are better off with older children who better understand boundaries. Always have your children spend time with potential pets as part of the adoption process.

They create new bonds: Age is not a determining factor in an animal’s affection or ability to develop new relationships. One of the benefits of adopting a senior cat from a shelter is that shelter staff are fully aware of the personalities and temperaments of the animals in their care and can recommend best fits for your family.  

Cat adoptions:

Trudy; Jervis; Eden; Luigi; Napoleon; Flip; Milkdud; Twix; Dipper; Tyson; Audrey and Berlioz;

Dog adoptions:

Noelle and Ronnie

Wish list

Cat litter (clumping and non-clumping)

Soft cat toys (new)

Dog kongs (medium and large)

Cat and dog pill pockets

Grain free dog treats

Sidewalk salt

Fundraiser continues

Onehope Winery is doing a fundraising event to benefit The Humane Society of Rome. Join the group on our Facebook page ( and 10% of every purchase goes to The Humane Society of Rome.

In addition to that if you order a 6 pack you receive 10% off of your order, 20% of off 12 packs. The wine is shipped directly to your door straight out of Napa, California.  

The event will run from Nov. 20 - Dec. 11, with delivery before Christmas.

Ways you can help
the shelter 

Become a member


Donate (you can specify where you would like your donation to go: Medical Fund, Spay/Neuter Fund, Building Fund or General Fund) 

Also, did you know that if you love animals but cannot adopt at this time, you can still help?

Sponsor the cost of an animal while it is living at the shelter (pay the expenses for their food, medical care, etc.)

Sponsor an animal’s adoption fee

Sponsor an animal’s spaying or neutering fee

Also needed
at the shelter

Cat items 

Delectable Lickable Treats (Bisque Style) various flavors 

Friskies Broth Variety Packs Various Flavors 

Meow Mix (any size bag) 

Purina Kitten Chow (any size) 

Greenies Pill Pockets for Cats 

Scoops (Small Size) 

Small mice, Small Pom Poms, Cat Wands 

Small paper food trays 

Ceramic crocks for food and water – small and large 

Clumping Litter (older cats) Non-Clumping Litter (for Kittens) 

Cardboard Scratching pads with refills 

Cat Trees – all sizes (new) or in very good condition 

Dogs Items 

Greenies Pill Pockets for both capsules and tablets 

Cesar Original Pate’ food trays 

Chews– all sizes, Pork Chomps, Pig Ears 

Soft Treats - Bacon Strips, Pupperoni, Canine Carry Outs, all flavors 

Squeaky Dog Toys 

Nylon Collars – especially for large dogs 

General Supplies 

Garbage bags – 13-gallon tall, as well as 39-gallon, drawstring bags 

Non-foaming bleach 

25-gallon plastic tubs with lids 

Laundry baskets 

Large 32 gallon plastic garbage cans with lid and wheels. 

Cat’s Pride Litter program

We participate with Cat’s Pride Litter for Good Program — we’ve received 4,000 pounds of cat litter due to nominations from the community.

This is an ongoing promotion. The more nominations, the more litter we receive.

Litter as you can imagine, is a great expense for us, so this would be a wonderful savings for our shelter. 

The public is invited to participate as follows: 

1. Go to and sign up for the free Cat’s Pride Club 

2. Click on the “Nominate” button to help us receive litter. 

3. Enter bonus code: 4GOOD and you will double your shelter nomination. 

4. Buy a green jug of Cat’s Pride Fresh and Light – every time you do, another pound of litter is added to the total amount donated


AmazonSmile is a simple, automatic way for you to support the Humane Society of Rome!

Every time you shop with Amazon, they donate a portion of the purchase price to our charitable organization. 

This is what you do before you begin to shop: 

1. Go to AmazonSmile ( 

2. Sign into your Amazon Account 

3. Click on Accounts and Lists 

4. Click on Your Account 

5. Scroll down to Settings 

6. Click on Change Your Charity 

7. Type in “Humane Society of Rome” and search 

8. Select — make sure you choose the correct humane society. 

9. Go shopping!

Contact us

For information, call 315-336-7070 or go online to


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