Safety of our children is paramount


I am writing in response to Superintendent Peter Blake’s recent comments. Mr. Blake touches on two topics that have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Teacher evaluations and school security are entirely different matters. I am not going to begin to try and speak about teacher evaluations; however, as a concerned person who has close family friends with children in the district I can tell you what I do know to be factual about security.

I know that Whitesboro, New Hartford and numerous other school districts in the county have armed uniformed police officers in each one of their school buildings each day. I know that local fire departments haves a firefighter who sits at an entry desk so no one enters without approval. I know that local, county and state police either lock their doors and have a call box or have an officer at the window. All these places do not seem like prisons to me. They seem like public places that have leaders who care about the safety of those inside the building.

In response to Mr. Blake’s comments about theaters, malls, parks and other public places not having security, the answer is simple: We choose to go to these places or send our children to these places. We are mandated to send our children to school.

I believe that the security for our children is priceless, worth far more than any sport or elective class that Rome has to offer. I have a problem that every school in Rome has different security measures.

If police presence stops just one deadly act it’s worth every penny paid to the officer and much more. If mere presence does not hinder a problem an officer can radio for immediate assistance and you can bet that additional police will be responding rapidly, and finally if absolutely necessary, a police officer can engage a hostile intruder. Please contact Mr. Blake and your elected school board members immediately and demand the prompt hiring of additional security. Our children are worth it.

— Morgan Suits, Rome


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