Sad to see pandemic become political


How did we get here?

If I was a hospital patient, I would want to know that those attending me were vaccinated against COVID-19. Now Rep. Claudia Tenney has sent a letter to Gov. Kathy Hochul asking that she immediately rescind her vaccine mandate for healthcare workers. It constantly amazes me how these politicians seem to be more knowledgeable about this pandemic crisis than the doctors and scientists.

It also stuns me that people who do not want to get vaccinated can just quit their jobs. Some states are even approving unemployment benefits for those who have quit their jobs because they refuse to get vaccinated. Gee, my husband and I were never in the position to quit our jobs if we didn’t like the “way the wind blows.” Some of these people are even calling their friendly lawyers and suing. Really? Look at all the supposed “adults” who are angry about mask mandates and showing up at school board meetings and causing a ruckus. What are they teaching their children by this abhorrent behavior?

You may as well sit back and settle down, as the way things are going, COVID-19 and the variants are not going to get any better in the foreseeable future. There are too many people out there who think they know better than the scientists, and this is very sad.

It’s also sad to have seen this once in a century pandemic to have become political. When did hate, bitterness, animosity, lying, and name calling become the norm? What ever happened to “Do unto others…”? How did we get here? I think I know.

— Sari R. Verrenti, Rome


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