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ROUNDING THIRD: You are unique in your own way

John David Fay
Sentinel columnist
Posted 8/28/22

Life is about learning. It is ongoing from the cradle to the grave, barring disease (i.e. dementia) or injury to our learning center (brain).

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ROUNDING THIRD: You are unique in your own way


Life is about learning. It is ongoing from the cradle to the grave, barring disease (i.e. dementia) or injury to our learning center (brain). Who are our teachers? Other people — by word or example. Probably most of the learning I’ve done — and will continue to do — is of the latter variety.

I’m a people watcher and a great one to emulate successful behavior in others. They say we are all unique. I believe that that possible uniqueness is made up of thousands of little things we’ve learned — from other people. The only unique part is the combination of factors we have managed to assemble and choose to utilize. Look at the things you’re good at. Where did you get those skills? It could have been from your parents, friends, siblings, heroes, or even people you didn’t like but appreciated a certain skill set they possessed.

Am I still learning — at 81? Every day! A day we don’t learn something is a day we die a little. I have learned something from everyone who has been in my life for any extended period of time at all.

Sometimes it’s negative learning — I don’t want to be like him. So, I — and you —become an amalgam of the skills and habits of hundreds of our associates. The only uniqueness is how we choose to use all of those skills we have assembled to conduct our lives.

This poem is called:


We are all different and yet we‘re the same,

And maybe that’s why they give us a name.

We’re made up of parts we’ve adopted from others

Our parents, our friends, and sisters and brothers.

We emulate skills that we find appealing,

And profiles are formed by the skills that we’re stealing,

But theft, in this case, is a positive trait,

Unless what you’re gathering isn’t so great.

By nature, or nurture our pathway is mown,

And never do we make that trip all alone.

So, look at your life and what constitutes you.

There always was someone who ushered you through.

We’re naught but amalgams for all that we’ve learned,

The times we succeeded, the times we were burned.

Reflect on that life and the models you’ve had.

Exult in the positives, cull out the bad.

For none of us ever is truly unique,

We all have good habits and some that are weak.

All that we ever can hope to achieve

Will be gauged by the ones we pull out of our sleeve.

Once they’re exhibited that’s part of you,

And nobody cares what pathway they’re through.

There’s nothing unique in the skills we’ve aligned,

How we choose to employ them is how we’re defined. JDF

Joke: One day, a gentile Texas lady was driving across a high bridge and saw a man preparing to jump. She stopped, rolled down the window and yelled, “Don’t jump! Think of your mother and father!” He said, “They’re both dead!” She quickly retorted, “Then think of your wife and precious children.” “I’m not married.” Frustrated, she blurted, “Then think of the Alamo!”

He looked at her and asked, “What the heck is the Alamo?” She started forward and yelled, “Well, bless your heart. You just go ahead and jump you little Yankee b…...”

Historical tidbits:

• In 2007, the FDA approved a weight control drug, Sentrol, for dogs!

• The very first nose job was performed in the 3rd century by the Egyptian physician, Amynthas. (If he was a few centuries earlier, he could have done one on Cleopatra. What a honker! She was no Liz Taylor. Few people are—and I’m no Brad Pitt, so till next week. See ya! JDF


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