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ROUNDING THIRD: Time for you is important in every life

John David Fay
Sentinel columnist
Posted 12/4/22

I firmly believe that a man/woman relationship in which they spend all waking hours together would be a difficult one to maintain. I’ve heard of them but wonder.

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ROUNDING THIRD: Time for you is important in every life


I firmly believe that a man/woman relationship in which they spend all waking hours together would be a difficult one to maintain. I’ve heard of them but wonder. That’s because men and women are so different in so many ways that they each need time to be with other persons of their own sex.

My wife is always surprised that the men I most get along with often say the “meanest” things to me - and vice versa.

“Fay, are you still writing that BS column in the paper?” Good friend!

“Dave are you still around? Well, don’t buy any green bananas!“ Great friend!

“I’d have never hung around with Dave when we were young, but he had three pretty sisters.”

The best of friends.

Women seldom get that kind of humor. They are more genteel and need friends of the same mindset. But they need their feedback as much as men need theirs. Having said all that, what we all need is the time to fall back with our friends and let off the pressures of the modern world.

You need to have people around you that know who and what you are - and when you’re kidding and when not. You need recreation and relaxation or you’ll burn out. The old saying was, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

Especially when you reach my age, you need to stay active - but not too driven. A laugh is worth a thousand atta boys! If you can’t look forward to good things on your schedule you start to lose the zest for life, and that leads to very bad results.

When God made Adam, then Eve from his rib, he decided to stop right there.

He told them to go and multiply and they certainly did their share.

But though they had their children, there were no other friends to make.

If Eve had a smarter girlfriend, she might have avoided the snake.

Adam must have gone bonkers just thrust in perfection each day. He needed a real good buddy to help him drink cider and play.

Man has evolved since Eden; He knows that he needs lots of friends.

Otherwise, you’re bored to tears until your time here expends.

Cain and Abel were all alone; they had to depend on each other,

Then Cain decided - without a friend’s guidance - he didn’t need a brother.

How many times would we make the wrong choice without the counsel of cronies?

How many times would we be fooled if we didn’t know pals from phonies?

Everyone needs a little time to sit with their friends and laugh.

If men and women were always together - there’d be no “better half.”

Spend some time with your gender friends, let your partner be with theirs,

And your mental health will be restored; you’ll forget for a while your cares.

So, meet your obligations, and take care of your children and wife,

But never forget that time for you is important in every life.

(For Pete - JDF)

Joke: A state official confronted a farmer and told him he needed to look over his fields with the possibility of turning them into highways. The farmer said okay, but told the guy, “Just stay out of that field to the left of that road.” The official pulled out a card and raised his voice, “Listen! Do you see this card? It authorizes me to go anywhere I want and nobody can stop me. Understand?” The farmer shrugged and went into the house. Ten minutes later he heard a loud scream and went out to see the official being chased by an angry bull. The farmer yelled out, “Just show him your card, dummy.”

Historical Quickies: The word “cemetery” comes from the Greek word, Koimetirion, which means dormitory. Not staying there!

Sweat was once used as an ingredient in perfumes and love potions.

Archaeologists have discovered ancient mummies with metal braces on their teeth.

It cost $49 million to build the Pentagon in 1941, the equivalent of $726 billion today.

Mayan emperors were often buried with jars of chocolate.

Real Classified Ads: Braille dictionary for sale. Must see to appreciate.

For you alone! The Bridal Bed Set!

Mixing bowl set. Designed to please a cook with a round bottom for efficient beating.

Snowblower for sale! Only used on snowy days.

Boneless bananas—only 39 cents a pound.

I love this one: Attorney at Law. 10% off a free consultation.

Finally, I post my own prayer for this week: Lord, grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the friends to bail me out of jail when I finally snap! Bye!



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