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ROUNDING THIRD: Oh, to be young again

John David Fay
Sentinel columnist
Posted 7/10/22

Oh, to be young again. It’s a constant refrain for people my age — and even those much younger. Nobody had a youth like the one you lived — ask anyone.

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ROUNDING THIRD: Oh, to be young again


Oh, to be young again. It’s a constant refrain for people my age — and even those much younger. Nobody had a youth like the one you lived — ask anyone.

Of course, there are those who didn’t have happy childhoods, I’m sure. So, I can’t speak for everyone. I am sorry that happened to you. I only wish your childhood was as happy as mine.

We were poor. That’s a fact that can’t be denied. But, only in monetary issues. Of course, many of us in that era who were not well off didn’t know it. We had friends, fields to play in, games we enjoyed playing — even a baseball (though it was wrapped with electrical tape, as was the bat). Life was good!

Life was never so free and uncomplicated and satisfying because we thought this was what there was to life. Our little cocoon, Oriskany, safeguarded us and kept us from the world’s frailties.

It would never be that way again. I remember those times often. They are part of my heritage and they buoy me against todays ills. Oh, to be young again — in those times.

Ode to My Past Glories

As I was walking past a yard, a baseball rolled on by.

I picked it up and threw it to the young boy on the fly.

He caught the ball, then smiled and said, “Not bad! You threw that well.”

I waved and then continued on — my arm now ached like hell.

A man can never quite admit the youth in him has died,

So, when a chance presents itself, we resurrect our pride.

We see in young boys everywhere the child we once have been,

And though we may be ninety-nine, the mem’ries come again.

Sweet youth, sweet freedom leaves us all, though we may beg them to stay.

Though, aways in our heart of hearts, they never go away.

I traveled on till I reached home and told my wife the tale.

She noticed that my arm hung limp, as I did her regale.

So, deep within my reverie that incident will stand,

But now the way I tell it — that throw did burn his hand.

I don’t believe we’re meant to leave those memories behind,

Nor those of all those years ago that so can soothe the mind.

I keep them strong within my mind for times when I feel sad,

Refreshing in those moments the good times I have had.

Those times, those friends, are bittersweet reminders of our youth,

And none can tarnish what we feel — not even with the truth. JDF 5/22

Joke: A man is playing golf one Saturday morning when he and his partners notice a funeral procession going past on a nearby road. The man stops, doffs his hat and bows his head till the procession passes. His partner says, “Wow! You are a truly nice man. That was touching that you would pay that person that kind of respect.” The man turns to his partner and answers, ”Well she was a pretty good wife to me for 45 years.”

One liners:

The definition of a minor operation is one performed on someone else.

If exercise removes fat, I know a lot of people who shouldn’t have double chins.

You never know how good you feel, until you don’t!

Some people think you spell service— Serve Us!

To stay out of debt you have to earn more than you yearn!

That’s it for another week, my friends. See ya! JDF


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