COLUMN: Rounding Third …


Spring is arriving and with that comes Easter and a time of rebirth — at least for those of us brought up as Christians.

There’s nothing this country needs more right now than a little rebirthing. We face a myriad of problems and solutions are hard to come by these days.

As people who have lived longer than most, what should we do? Well, one thing I’d advise is whatever your involvement in these “solutions,” don’t get so stressed out that it affects your health.

We have opinions — maybe even some good answers — but don’t get overwrought trying to get them adopted. Unfortunately, this isn’t one of those great times in history when we are venerated for our wisdom and experience.

To too many, we are just “old peeps” who are incapable of dealing with this computer age. In some respects — computers — we probably are, but we are still filled with the knowledge of living and experiencing similar problems. That should count for something. After all, we seem to be still electing people of our age category nationally.

I used to think I’d seen it all, but believe me — almost every day of this era proves me wrong.

Now for the poem of the week. By the way — I don’t think I’m Maya Angelou, Shelley, or any other great poet. My poems are what I call commentary poems and they’re meant to convey a message.

Seen It All!

I’ve lived a long and fruitful life and thought I’d seen it all,

And as the years went tumbling by, I stood up for the call,

But I’ll admit the things I see today just blow my mind,

We have a generation that’s a clearly different kind.

Our waistlines have expanded in an exponential way;

And we wear PJ’s to the store in the middle of the day,

We drive and text and drink our coffee all without a fear.

It’s great today the cars don’t need a hand to shift the gear.

Man developed dialog so he wouldn’t feel alone,

But try to talk to someone when their head’s stuck in a phone.

We used to throw a punch or two when things got out of hand,

Today they carry guns and knives to make their “manly” stand.

The churches seem to empty as the older people “go.”

Without a faith in something, all we have is what we know.

I fear they’ll find the vacuum that exists in every man,

Without the guidance our youth had by men who taught His plan.

So how are we to change a path when we know what’s in store?

How do we explain to youth we’ve seen it all before?

It may have been in different ways that those mistakes were made,

But if they knew their history, they’d see how they’ve been played.

When 36 percent of kids think Communism’s fine,

I think that it is up to us to stand and hold the line.

This country isn’t perfect; no truer words are spoken,

But I don’t think the answer is for us to be a“woke”n.

When overalls and handshakes and a pair of dirty boots

Became replaced by contracts and men in fancy suits,

America’s identity was changed forevermore.

Trust and faith and brotherhood went out an open door.

So, we may need to modify our Constitution some,

But, trampling it to pieces is really pretty ”dumb.”

We just need to salvage what this document should be,

Before this generation is the last one to be free. JDF

Joke: Jim decided to tie the knot with his long-time girlfriend. One evening after the honeymoon he was cleaning his golf shoes and his wife said, “I’ve been thinking that now that we’re married you should quit golfing and sell your golf clubs.” Jim looks at her with a shocked look on his face, so she asks him what’s wrong. He answers, “Nothing! It’s just for a minute there you sounded like my ex-wife.” She screams, “Ex-wife? I didn’t know you were married before!” He calmly looks her in the eye and says, “I wasn’t!”

Favorite one-liners: If half of our wishes came true, we’d have twice as many problems. It’s best to enjoy our lives right up until the time we can’t.

Everybody is somebody’s weirdo. And just think—that includes you.

I’m old enough that my lifetime guaranteed products are wearing out.

The best measure of a man’s intelligence is what he’s willing to argue about.

See ya! JDF


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