COLUMN: Rounding Third ………………..


Every time I think I’m getting a little smarter, I realize I’m still trying to make everybody happy. Dumb! This country is at such a divisive state that nobody trusts the government anymore. I try to stay out of politics, but… when Trump was in office, the Democrats thought he was a demon. Now that Biden’s in, the Republicans characterize him as a dummy.

Who can we trust and get us to bind together? Or—did we ever trust our leaders?

The more I delve into history, the more I discover facts about EVERY president that caused him to lose votes and support. Lincoln is often characterized in polls as our greatest president, but it’s doubtful if he’d have had an approval rating at the time that was very high. After all, half the country (South) mostly hated him, and much of the north was angry about conscription.

In a republic such as ours, we are allowed to speak freely—sort of. It’s a good thing, too, because if we didn’t, we’d never discover who the idiots are.

Number one—you can’t make everybody happy! That is a given! If you try, then nothing will ever get done. Do you remember the story of the Biblical King Solomon who had to judge which of two claiming mothers had the birthright to a child.

He offered to cut the child in half, knowing that the real mother would give him up before seeing him killed. America seems to be that child right now. Problem is—there doesn’t seem to be any real parent.

Believe me—I’ll make no one happy by writing these thoughts. Each side will be sure I’m indicting their values. I’m the demon AND the dummy. Just think about this: the only difference between politicians on the two sides is the letter before their name—D or R. They might as well be Democans and Republicrats.

Who is going to be our Lincoln—a man strong enough to get the job done and put our country back on its feet and the right road? I’d vote for him—or her! What we need is a Henry Clay, who was never president, but as a senator and Secretary of State was known as The Great Compromiser.

Do these type of people even exist anymore?

Favorite Sayings: *What you know is not as important as what you do with what you know.

*Bread might be the staff of life but that doesn’t mean your life should be a loaf.

*There are too many cranks and not enough starters in this world. *The world would be a better place if everyone was as good as they want their neighbors to be. *We don’t need more liberty in America; we need more people taking fewer liberties with our liberty.

Joke: A husband reports to the police that his wife hasn’t come home from shopping. The conversation goes like this: Sgt.: What was she wearing? Man: A dress, I think. Sgt: Color? Man: Don’t remember! Sgt: Height? Man: 5 feet something. Sgt: Body build? Man: Not fat, not slim! Sgt. Eye color? Man: Never noticed! Sgt: Color of hair? Man: Changes! Sgt: Was she in a car? Man: Yes! Sgt: What kind of car, can you describe it? Man: 2015 Corvette Stingray 3LT with the performance package, shark gray metallic paint with the 6.2 liter V8 engine with direct injection generating 460 HP, speed paddle shift automatic transmission, GT bucket seats and a very small scratch on the left front door. Sgt: Don’t worry sir. We’ll find your………car!

Bits from History: * It was the British author, Oscar Wilde, who famously said, “Some people bring happiness wherever they go, others, whenever they go.”* George Washington’s false teeth were not made of wood. He had many pair, but his favorites were made of hippopotamus ivory.

* The character in Alice in Wonderland is called the Mad Hatter. It came from the old expression ‘mad as a hatter.” Haberdashers (hat makers) at one time used mercury to cure the felt in hats. Long term exposure to mercury can lead to madness. People who wore the hats...well, some became “mad as a hatter.”

*Our 8th president, Martin Van Buren, was the first to have been born in America. * The word, ”salary” comes from the Latin, salarium, or salt money. Salarium was the monthly salary paid to Roman soldiers. They were paid in salt.

Final comment: A lot of the problems we have been going through, in my mind, are due to the cultural reformation that is hitting our country and values. We used to have respect for people. Now we don’t say what we mean as much as just…demean. This little ditty just refers to the values of an earlier time. It’s called: Way Back When.

Way Back When

When I was just a little boy, my papa said to me,

“For you to live a life worthwhile, three things I hope to see:

You must be happy as you toil and strive to reach a goal,

For, he who works for pay alone has sold his mortal soul.

You, next, must have a wife who’ll share your values and your heart.

Respect will keep your union strong when others fall apart.

The final thing that you must do, beneath this azure sky,

Is pass your standards on and on, so they shall never die. “

When last he finished speaking, he clutched me to his breast,

His eyes then closed and off he slipped into his final rest.

Though half a century’s come and gone, the words that he spoke then

Are every bit as right today as they were way back when.

We try…we trust.. and then we teach—from boy to man, at last,

And heart to heart we so endure, and thus the torch is passed. — JDF

See ya! JDF


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