Rounding Third ………………..


So, a new year is upon us once again, and we’re all going to make resolutions and pray the world — especially our part of it — gets better.

How long have you (we) been doing that? I guess we can all hope that ’22 will be a better year, and for some it will be. For others—well, not so much. Anyway—remember when you were a little kid and the minute the new year hit you considered yourself a year older even if your birthday wasn’t till the next fall. I couldn’t wait to be 14 and in high school so I could take part in all it offered — sports, music, a real --- almost adult! Then high school passed, and college began. It was great but I was still looking ahead to starting my career as a teacher and couldn’t wait to get started. I started teaching, got married, had our children and watched them grow. Life was always busy, full, happy — and moving. I remember when my older daughter started kindergarten and an older friend said to me, “Enjoy this now because tomorrow she’ll be graduating from high school.”

I didn’t know what he meant then, but I do now. There’s an old saying that goes, “Days may pass slowly, but years fly by.”

How true that is. Children grow up, grandchildren grow up, and life keeps moving forward, Suddenly, and I do mean suddenly, you notice that you’re looking back a lot more than looking forward. That’s a pivotal point as we get into our 70’s and 80’s. Hopefully, we have much of what we wanted and what now? I’ve talked about this many times, but I think it’s especially important at this time of year. What are you going to be doing in 2022? Here’s a suggestion: Make some really viable and positive resolutions to not only exist but improve your life.

Think proactively! The world is not ending despite Covid and all the other dire predictions.

We are the people who have the time now to positively impact our families and community,

Do it! I’m not telling you it’s a do or die situation, but if you do nothing you ARE initiating the other option. Vegetating is not a good option, So — you might ask what my resolutions are for the new year. Continue!!! I plan to continue writing this article as long as they’ll let me, write my monthly paper, “the O” in Oriskany, raise food and funds for the Feed Our Vets program in Utica, stay as president of the Oriskany Alumni Association (we’ve given a quarter million dollars in scholarships the last 22 years), and exercise — Planet Fitness in the winter and — all the golf I can manage in the summer. That’s my plan and I hope you have one. Finally, if I’m not lucky enough to see 2023, I want them to bury my ashes in the first green at Rome Country Club. I never could get in any of the holes on that green, so make me my own. That’s a joke so I hope you don’t think I’m being macabre. Have a great year and –stay busy! And — remember you only really have two choices: Stop — or


I feel Death’s bony fingers as it clutches at my soul,

His breath is cold upon my neck; how time does take its toll.

In youth we run a timeless gait through music of our spring,

And never look beyond that time to what the years may bring.

Though hope may spring eternal, there’ll be none escape that fate,

When the clock within goes silent and we pass beyond the gate.

Yet, few go softly down that path, we rail against the storm,

And fewer still embrace the cold; we struggle to hold form.

So, as a gruesome specter haunts the time yet left to me,

I press on past this portent to complete my legacy.

Our choices few as time descends, we falter and look back,

Or forge into a future with our feet upon the track.

So, grab the horns and stay the course; live it up, my friend.

You’ve really nothing left to lose, sprint right to the end.

When everyone says slow it down, push it to the floor.

If you’re sitting on the sidelines, you can never, ever score.

I want to push the envelope and see how long I’ll last.

Will the pace just slow me down or will it take me fast?

I’ve lived a life that’s brought me joy; I have no bone to pick,

So, if He needs me home one day—let Him take me quick.

And—please don’t ask the reason that I keep holding true.

I’ll live as I have always done and do what I must do.

So, when the day does come at last that I can run no more,

I’ve crossed my final hurdle and made my final score,

I’ve chased down my last demon and passed the final test — I’ll know I’ve lived my life to full and earned a righteous rest. JDF

Well — I guess I got a little wordy this time and have used up my space.

I’ll try to add more humor and facts to the next article. Have a great year and stay active! JDF 


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