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Many men see the world through 16-year-old eyes.

That was a phrase I coined years ago when I realized I was getting older, but my eyes saw what they’d always seen. I’m not talking for women, but I’ve seen this characteristic in many men 50 and older. Our minds can still do all that we‘ve always done, but sometimes the transition to our bodies and reality is somewhat harder.

Think about it: we all think we can govern this country better than our leaders, play sports as well as the pros and all men think they’re Frank Sinatra. At least when they’re in the shower. Unfortunately, some think so in Karaoke.

Recently, we had a really nice event up at Rome Country Club—the Cupp Cup—a Ryder Cup style event. It was great competition and camaraderie, and we celebrated after. Maybe too much.

My problem with today is—while we were seeing through those 16 year-old eyes and being a little foolish, somebody always records the event for posterity and the world. Great way to be caught not looking your best—and nobody looks their best at 80. But a great event and we have the Cupps—Lauren and Wes, to thank for that.

I’m just sorry my eyes lied to me about what my body could do.

Roy Barnes asked me a while ago if I write these poems as I go or have written them before. Answer: a little of both. I didn’t have one for this topic, so I wrote it Tuesday. It’s called

16-Year-Old Eyes

Men have a trait that some women despise. They see the world through 16 year-old eyes.

It may be a Pollyanna kind of view; our bodies have aged but our eyes are still new.

God—strike that mirror out of my sight, so I think I still have a dog in the fight.

We think the young girl finds us clever and witty, but she probably smiling out of pity.

The football player on our favorite team drops a big pass and we want to scream,

“You bum, I would have caught that one. The truth is you’d have to hobble, not run.

It’s a strange malady that affects many men; we confuse the now with what we were then.

We’re caught up trying to replicate youth, ‘cause it’s harder and harder to face the truth.

The world that now comes into view presents some challenges that are new,

Those young-looking eyes may give a new spin, when they’re looking out and can’t see in.

They may just be helping us live a lie, but I want those visions until I die.

I want to believe that what I see still gives me the chance to be the same me,

That I still play the part I want to play in helping this world turn every day.

There’s nothing wrong in channeling youth as long as you really understand truth.

When your eyes are sixteen on a much older face you can see the world as a happier place. JDF

Joke: Mike told the bartender that he needed “a stiff one.” He said, “I just had another fight with the little woman.” The barkeep asked, “And how did this one end?” Mike said, “She came to me on her hands and knees.” The bartender said, “Well, that’s a switch. What did she say?” Mike replied, “She said, come out from under that bed you little coward!”

Historical facts: *One night while coming home from a social engagement, President Pierce struck an older woman with his carriage. He was arrested on the spot—but let go when they realized who he was. Rank has its privilege. * The Pilgrims refused to eat lobsters because they thought they were just large insects. *In 1912, the Bishop of Paris declared that dancing the tango was a sin. (Good Lord, what would he say about today’s gyrations?) *Before President Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, there were two previous attempts on his life. He was shot at in 1861 and 1864. One time the bullet passed through his stovepipe hat. He didn’t want them publicized so the press respected his wishes. Imagine that!

Favorite One-Liners: * Gas prices are rising like Phoenix from the ashes—and I don’t understand either. * If the voices in my head paid rent, I wouldn’t be so broke. * This is the day for decisive action…I think….maybe *I used to live in the real world, but they evicted me.

* Casinos are just pickpockets who let you use your own hands. See ya all next time—I hope. — JDF


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