Rounding Third ………………..


The world today is staggering for those of us who have lived through so many different versions—and it’s scary. It seems like we’re always teetering on one precipice or another.

There never seems to be a period of calmness where we can relax. I’ve lived through a number of wars, viruses, riots, weather disasters, and personal issues, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a time like this. I’ve had the Asian flu, the Hong Kong flu and quite a few others I don’t know the names of. I even had Covid that my good friend, Eric, decided to share with me. I had my shots—now I have to get another, I guess. It’s okay. I will, because, as you know, I am a law-abider. Not bragging—just stating! A simple man who has survived with a simple plan. Nothing too exciting. Maybe that’s why I’ve lived this long. But, as I said, I have seen a lot along the way. A friend of mine asked if the poems are something I did a long time ago or if I still do them. Most are of the former, so I decided it was time to get busy again. I just wrote this about the state of affairs today. It’s so new, in fact, that I don’t even have a title I like for it. Titles are only identifiers anyway. As they say—it’s the thought that counts.

If you live long enough, you’ll see it all, the ones that rise and the ones that fall,

The men and women who work on through and those who muddle and just make do.

You’ll see all the stops along the way where some people work and others just play,

Where those with integrity play by the rules and those without, play the others for fools.

There are only really two ways to live; you’re either a taker or one who will give.

The drain of the former can weaken the rest, till tired and weary they don’t give their best.

We all see the handwriting there on the wall, when the givers start taking, we’re destined to fall.

It’s all been a part of the history of man, we start with a dream and progress to a plan.

We work together to build something good, and most men do what every man should.

The dream takes shape with the sweat of our labor, till comes the time we turn on our neighbor.

We cover the things he has earned with his sweat, and think it’s not fair we don’t have them yet.

Entitlement raises its jealous old head and the masses start looking for handouts instead.

The insidious march of this general malaise lightens our burden but darkens our days.

With all of the giveaways born out of guilt we destroy the foundations upon which we’re built.

Too many of us are unwilling to see the great lesson of life is that—nothing is free.

The noblest of promises that we need to learn is—America’s gift is the freedom to earn. JDF

Joke: The tail-gating woman slammed on her brakes, then hit the roof at the lady in front of her for stopping at a yellow light. She’d missed her chance to get through the intersection. She yelled, swore, and screamed and then heard a tap on her window. The police officer ordered her out of the car, handcuffed her and took her to the station. She sat in a holding cell for an hour till he came back and said, “I’m sorry for the mistake. I pulled up behind you at the light while you were cussing a blue streak and screaming at the other lady. I noticed the “Choose Life” license plate holder, the “What would Jesus Do” sticker and the “Follow me to Sunday School” sticker along with the chrome-plated Christian emblem on the trunk-and I, naturally, assumed you had stolen the car. “Favorite Sayings: *Driving isn’t about winning—it’s about surviving. *If it wasn’t for baseball, we’d probably never see millionaires scratch and spit. *Be nice to your kids. They get to choose your nursing home. *There’s nothing better than a friend—unless it’s a friend with a rhubarb pie. * The low-fat diet works. My fat seems to be getting lower every day. *If you can’t tell a good story in two minutes, it just becomes a long story.

Did you know: In one day in 1997, 127 million people got vaccinated in India against polio. And we can’t get people vaccinated in over a year. *In the 20th century, five times as many people died in car accidents as did in wars. And from what I see, it’s only going to get worse. Pay attention, people!*Gore-Tex, the rain resistant material, is simply stretched Teflon. Then, why can you buy a whole set of pots and pans for the price of one rain suit?*Ralph Lauren was born Ralph Lifshitz in 1929. I guess Lifshitz wasn’t fashionable enough sounding. *In the real old west, more cowboys drowned crossing rivers than in gun fights. Yeah, but who wanted to see a movie with John Wayne doing the breast stroke. On that one—See ya next week. JDF


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