Rounding Third …..


Do you remember the first time you realized that somebody didn’t like you?

If you say that it’s never happened, then you are probably a saint, or so tough you just don’t care what people think. Like most people—I care. But—I have learned to deal with it, and I’ve learned to be above the hate that runs through certain people.

It used to eat at me, and I’d wonder what the flaw in me was that created that dislike. It comes down to this: some people’s personalities just clash with other people’s. It happens, so grow up and get by it. (At least that’s what I tell myself). And I think it works for me.

I wrote this a number of years ago when I realized a guy I thought was my friend was saying some nasty things about me. I did some deep thinking on the situation, and came up with this: You Don’t Like Me Hey, I’m a pretty normal and common guy. I write exactly what I think. Here it is.

So, you don’t like me, well, that’s okay—This path I trod has a different way.

I knew from the very first we met, that a friendship with you would be hard to get.

I did my best to be friendly and nice, and all I’ve met is your wall of ice.

A friendship is made by forge, not force, and I’d say this one is way off course.

So, this is what I’ll say to you—Do what you must, and I will, too.

I’ll give a nod if you pass my way, but, it sure won’t make or break my day.

I’ll live my life the best I know, and your effect will never show.

I’ll bear no ill, nor trash your name, and hopefully, you’ll do the same.

Life is too short to carry a grudge, or drag someone through the mud and sludge.

So, as we part and walk away, I hope your life is a sunny day.

I hope you get all you deserve, and some left over in reserve.

I hope your friends are warm and nice, and maybe they can melt that ice. JDF

Correction: In last week’s column, I said that France hung a cop in 1740 for sorcery! They probably thought she was bossy.” Sorry Freddie Cheeks, and the rest of our fine policemen and women—It shouldn’t have said cop. It should have said COW. Now, maybe the bossy part makes sense. My mistake.

Joke: The guy wanted time off so he hung from the ceiling of his office when the boss walked in and kept making spitting sounds. The boss asked him what he was doing and he said he was a light bulb. The boss said, “Come on down from there and go home. You’re too stressed out, so take a couple of days off.” The blonde co-worker started following him out the door. The boss asked her, “Where do you think you’re going?” She blinked and said, “You don’t expect me to work in the dark, do you?”

Yes, I know my jokes are corny—but I can tell them in public without blushing.

History as we never knew it:

Other cultures: Each day in London, dogs deposit between 4 and 5 tons of excrement on the streets.
(I hope they pass a dog care act.)

Australia: though we think of the deadly Indian Cobra as the most feared snake, Australia has the top 14 most dangerous snakes in the world. The cobra is the 15th.

Belgium: This country has never had any kind of film censorship for adults and they have more female ministers in their government than men.

Central African Republic: When Bokassa was crowned Emperor in 1977, they only allowed 1 of his 17 wives to attend.

Bolivia: The country has a relatively large Navy, in the thousands, but no shoreline. Wonder where they launch their ships?

Afghanistan: The large majority of Europe’s opium sales have always come from this country. Also — a traditional old game there is for men on horses to try to deposit a headless calf in their opponent’s goal. It is okay to club and beat the guy with the calf — but nobody else.

Think about other cultures and you may realize how good ours really is.

Favorite sayings:

Minds are like parachutes. They work best when they’re open.*Thank God for lawyers! Who else could get us out of the trouble they got us into.?*If we try and fail, we’ll have temporary disappointment. If we fail to try, we’ll have permanent regret.

MY health is okay. It’s my age that’s bad.

Leisure time is when your wife can’t find you.

No winter lasts forever. No spring skips its turn.

At the price of food today, it’d be cheaper to eat the money.

You cannot sink someone else’s end of the boat
and keep your end

Fact of the Week: One third of all cancers are sun related, so let’s use that sunscreen, see your dermatologist for scans, and stay safe. See ya next week. JDF


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