Rounding Third


I’ve been asked why I don’t give credit on the poems. I thought I had said before that they are original. I will tell you if I print one by a famous author. I won’t be a Barry Manilow. I like Barry but, he confused me. One of his most popular songs, from 1976, was I Write the Songs, and since he was a prolific songwriter, I assumed, as many others, that he had written that song.

Not so! It seems a writer named Bruce Johnston wrote the song in 1975. Color me surprised. You won’t get that here. You can blame me for all the sentiments expressed in the poems.

I wrote this one a few years ago, but it still rings true at my age. It is called:

Sixty Ain’t For Sissies and it goes like this:

Being sixty ain’t for sissies, this I tell you, my friend.

The older you are, the harder it gets, as the body prepares for the end.

Your bones become brittle and rigid; the stomach won’t work as it should;

Your muscles all ache in the morning and your plumbing’s not very good.

The foods that you once enjoyed are a no-no most of the time,

And the air in your lungs disappears after a one-flight climb.

Your eyesight and hearing are suspect; you’re not sure what you see or hear..

That sort of thing used to happen, but now it’s without the beer.

Yeah, sixty is not for sissies; it’s an age I prefer not to be.

I’d rather be twenty or thirty, but then, I wouldn’t be me.

I’ve lived sixty years, and I show it; my body, my face, my voice.

I don’t like what’s been happ’ning to me, but, I really don’t have no choice.

So, sixty and I are together; whatever will be, will be.

I’ll rock and roll my way through it till science or God sets me free.


History Vignettes: *Boston had a law on the books that forbade Indians (Native Americans) from entering the city until it was repealed in 2005. (what did they do when Cleveland came to town?). ** John Adams, our 2nd president, served as the defense attorney for the Commander of the British troops accused of the Boston Massacre.***They taught us about the French and Indian War fought in the Americas between 1754-1763, but failed to teach us that most of the battles were fought in Canada.

Well, that’s about enough for this week, but I’ll leave you with a joke.

A single guy was about to inherit a fortune from his sickly father, and decided he needed a wife to cement his place in the business and society. One day he came across this absolutely stunning woman who attracted him immensely but paid no attention to him.

He went to her and said, “I know I’m not very good looking and you’re beautiful, but I’m really attracted to you. My dad is sick, and I stand to inherit $100 million. Would you take my card and think about marrying me?” Impressed the woman took his card and three days later—she married….his father.

That’s all for this week! Later!


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