Rounding third


And so the world goes trundling on without missing a beat. A new election, a new regime and an old problem—COVID! The last couple of weeks I’ve felt a little closer to home plate then I’ve ever been. Yeah, I tested positive and had to quarantine for two weeks. It’s like a really bad cold—at least my version was — and I had a few very uncomfortable days. But, I did what they told me and came on out the other side. If what I read is right, now I’m immune — at least for a while--and that’s good. So, I’m back around third base again, and here goes:

Joke: The old guy has been deaf for about ten years when he reads an article about a new treatment available. He goes to the doc and after being examined the doc tells him he’s a good candidate for the procedure. He makes an appointment and has it done. When he wakes up, he can hear clear as a bell. He’s excited and goes home to his family. When he has his follow-up exam in a month, the doc asked him how his family reacted to his hearing again. He says he didn’t tell them, The doc asks why and he replies, “Well, I decided not to tell them for a while and now I might never tell them.” “Why”, asks the doc. He smiles and answers, “It’s amazing what they are saying when they think I can’t hear. Heck, I’ve changed my will three times in the last month.”


• I’ve seen it all before, I just don’t remember where or when.

• Government always proposes the ends, but never the means,

• Question: Do old men wear boxers or briefs? Answer: Depends!

• Boys are just noise covered in dirt; girls are an attitude dressed in a skirt.

• If cancer took money out of rich people’s pockets, there’d already be a cure.

Now, to the subject I’m concerned with—our treatment of police officers and their conduct on duty. Admittedly, I’ll never be able to see this issue from a minority’s perspective because — at least theoretically — I am of the majority — a white male. I say that because we are only 31% of America’s population. I am one of those “stodgy” old guys who believes in law and order, the American flag and apple pie. Sorry if that offends you. I support our military, the police, firemen and other public servants and our constitution as it was written. With that in mind, I wrote the following piece a few weeks ago: It’s called IN DEFENSE OF COPS

So, the cop is the one who runs to the crime,

Saves the babies and gives you his time.

He tackles the maniac running the street,

And walks his patrol with blistered feet.

The cop is the one you call when you’re scared,

And your spouse comes home mad, profane and impaired.

You yell at the cop when your neighbor makes noise,

Or when the school bully bothers your boys.

He was there when your kid got into a wreck,

Pulled him from the car, and risked his own neck.

But, you don’t like him in spite of all that,

‘Cause he wears a uniform, badge and hat.

When he’s not on your side, it sticks in your craw,

But, his job is just to uphold the law.

You scream out abuse and spit in his face,

And, if he fights back he’s called a disgrace.

Now, what will you do when the cop doesn’t come,

And a criminal’s beating your head like a drum?

What will you do when there’s none to defend,

And the bad guys’ insatiable hunger won’t end?

Who will you call when chaos is king,

And you’re never quite sure what tomorrow will bring?

Who is it, exactly, who’ve made cops a pawn?

Who is it benefits most when their gone?

De-fund the police, one faction implores!

Could it be the same people looting the stores?

Could there be any vested interest here,

From the people who deal in confusion and fear?

Well I, for one, want the cop on patrol.

I want him keeping our lives in control.

It may be a sign of our lifestyle today—

We don’t fix anything—we just throw it away.

I firmly believe that most cops are good.

They do what they need to; do what they should.

De-funding police would create lots of pain!

If you don’t see that—you have something to gain!

My mind runs in strange ways, and I tend to express my thoughts through this medium of rhyme. Hope all is good in your world, you avoid the virus and other infirmities, and you keep playing the game and running the bases for a long time. JDF


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