Rome Police report ‘Jury Duty Scam’ circulating


A new scam attempting to get your personal information by guilting you about jury duty is making the rounds, according to the Rome Police Department.

Known as the “Jury Duty Scam,” the new trick involves the scammer telephoning you out of the blue and claiming to work for a local court, officials said. The scammer then tells you that you failed to report for jury duty, threatening that a warrant has been or is going to be issued for your arrest.

The scammer expects you to correct them and point out that you never received a jury duty notice.

Police said the scammer will then ask you for confidential personal information so that they can verify if they have called the right person. The scammer will ask you for your social security number, birth date and other private information, authorities stated.

Authorities said court workers will never contact you via telephone about jury duty, as most courts don’t even have potential jurors’ phone numbers. Jury duty information is done via the mail.

Police warn to never give out your personal information over the telephone. Anyone who has been scammed in such a way should call their local law enforcement agency.


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