Rome man thankful for surgical expertise, quick recovery from hernia surgery


When Stephen Tyler of Rome noticed some swelling in his groin, he contacted his primary care physician as a precaution. Tyler was able to play racquetball, ride his bicycle, work and lift objects without fear or pain, so a hernia was the last thing on his mind.

He was referred to Keneth Hall, M.D., a hernia specialist at Rome Medical Practice, who explained that Tyler had an incarcerated inguinal hernia that needed surgery. Inguinal hernias occur when a part of the intestines, fat or other organs pushes through a weak area of the lower abdominal wall (groin). Surprisingly, many patients are found to have the same hernia on the opposite side on careful examination.

While Tyler was naturally nervous about surgery, he was pleased that Dr. Hall scheduled the procedure at Rome Memorial Hospital promptly.

“Once I know I have something to fix, I want to do it ‘right now,’” Tyler said. “Dr. Hall was very personable and friendly, but more importantly, he came across as someone who knew exactly what needed to be done and exactly how to do it with state-of-the-art methods and procedures.”

Dr. Hall repaired the hernia laparoscopically with three tiny incisions to surgically free the hernia and seal the hole with mesh to prevent a recurrence.

“The surgery was painless,” Tyler said. “I went into the operating room, and was being covered with warm blankets and what seemed like moments later I was awake and on my way home.”

Tyler said he felt a slight discomfort for the next couple of days after the surgery when he was getting up or moving around and needed just a few non-narcotic pain pills. “The recovery was that pain free. A month later, I couldn’t really tell I had surgery.”

According to Dr. Hall, getting the proper diagnosis and surgical intervention as early as possible reduces the risk of complications. Anyone who feels a bulge in their abdomen or groin or pain in those areas when performing daily tasks such as lifting objects should seek medical attention. If an untreated hernia becomes “strangulated” and loses its blood supply, that section of the intestine can die.

“It is my commitment to get non-emergent patients in within seven days of contacting us and on the surgery schedule within 10-14 days, whenever possible. From the moment they walk into the office to the moment they are wheeled out of the operating room they will be greeted by experienced, kind, attentive and professional staff,” he said.

Dr. Hall has nearly 15 years of extensive, highly specialized training in surgery, including all types of complex hernia repair procedures. “My team and the staff at Rome Memorial Hospital are committed to providing patients with high quality hernia surgery, with an emphasis on minimally invasive techniques. Our focus is to get patients back to baseline activity and fitness in the shortest period of time.”

Now fully recovered, Tyler has been recommending Dr. Hall and Rome Memorial Hospital to family and friends. “Honestly, I was totally impressed by everyone at RMH. From the blood work before the surgery, to the pre op visit, to the surgery itself, everyone was just so friendly - and that means a lot when you have anticipatory anxiety about the surgery,” he said.

“When I got into the OR, they were playing the rock band ‘Aerosmith’ because I share the same name as the lead singer. That gesture impressed me. I told them, under the circumstance, I would prefer to hear Sinatra, and instantly they were playing Frank. Ironically, the song they chose was I’ve Got You Under my Skin, which made everyone laugh.”

Hall’s office is located at 267 Avery Lane, Suite 300, at the Griffiss Business & Technology Park. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call the office at 315-356-7770. Imaging studies are not required prior to consultation. 


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