Rome Democratic Committee issues endorsements


The Rome Democratic Committee has announced endorsements for the following candidates in the upcoming general election on Tuesday, Nov. 2:

Anthony Brindisi, Supreme Court judge;

Karen Stanislaus, Family Court judge;

Michael Brown, Oneida County legislator, District 12;

Matthew Pilatzke, Oneida County legislator, District 17; and

Ramona Smith, Rome Common Council,
Ward 4.

“Each of these candidates embody the ideals, values, and proven track record of public service that our committee strives for,” reads the statement by the committee.

“It is extremely important for the voting public to make their voices heard this fall,” the announcement said,

“Mid-terms have notoriously low voter turnout,” the announcement adds. “If you want the
candidates that most reflect your values to be elected,
you need to do one of the

• Vote early, or,

• If you are not able to or are hesitant to visit your polling
location, request an absentee ballot from the Oneida County Board of Elections by (Monday) Oct. 8,; or

• Vote on election day at your normal voting location.”

For information about voting or the election, individuals can contact the Oneida County Board of Elections at 315-798-5765 or go to


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