Roadwork underway on West Dominick Street


Roadwork on West Dominick Street between Madison and George streets began Thursday morning. City officials say a median will be built, and the road and sidewalks will be replaced.

The expected completion date for the project is June 21.

“Basically the whole road is going to be redone,” Inspector of Public Works Eric Seifert said.

“The road itself is going to be milled down four inches and repaved. On either side (of West Dominick), there’s going to be a new granite curb, a new concrete sidewalk, and a flexi-pave border between the two.”

Flexi-pave is a rubber paving surface that’s pervious to storm water, and is in place on North James Street and elsewhere in the city.

“There’s going to be little bump-outs with the curb coming out to create the parking areas,” he continued. “This is all going to be porous pavement in the parking area, so there’s going to be some bioretention areas to take care of the storm water.”

Down the middle of the street will be a median, with a pedestrian crossing halfway through the block. Beacons with pedestrian crossing signals similar to those on East Dominick Street will be erected, and the median will include “some plantings and trees,” Seifert said.

Other features of the project are yet to be decided.

“Eventually, there’s going to be two pillars on either side (of the road). They haven’t figured out exactly what they’re going to put on those pillars,” Seifert said.

The work is in conjuction with the West Dominick Street Art Plaza on the same block. The Art Plaza is to include “the installation of new concrete sidewalks with a granite inlayed map (of the region’s waterways), landscaping, installation of a seat wall, lighting, and site upgrades such as benches,” according to city documents.

Like the road and sidewalk work, the Art Plaza will include components to help with storm water drainage.

Seifert said DPW would seek to avoid traffic detours while work is underway, though workers may need to close traffic to one side of the four-lane block at a time.

“Obviously when we do the mid-block crossing, they may split the road — it depends on how everything works together with the different parts of the job. Very limited (road closures) if any. We’re going to try to keep the road open, at least one lane of traffic, hopefully two.”


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