Rioting is never acceptable


I am a proud American Conservative. I unabashedly support the US Constitution. I do believe that there was widespread voter fraud, from voters voting in multiple states(alleged to have happened in Nevada) to the Dominion Voting Machines in various states. Whether or not it would have tipped the election in favor of Trump is not likely but still a fraud. 

What happened at the Capitol Building in Washington is a travesty of the first magnitude. Rioting is never acceptable under any circumstances. We are a Nation of Law. I am appalled that any of my fellow citizens and supporters of President Trump behaved in such a despicable manner and rioted. The place for the protesting the election is the courtroom, not the streets. 

— Walter E. Beverly III, Rome


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Mike Corbett

Why do you believe there was widespread fraud when there has been no evidence of it? Over 50 lawsuits were brought alledging fraud, but all without any evidence of it. Courts need evidence, not just allegations, and these lawsuits were all dismissed. Dominion voting machines? Check out the lawsuits against the right wing pundits who had been making the accusations and the on-air “corrections” their lawyers have made them make. There are occasional bad actors - who are caught- by vigilant election workers who work hard to ensure free and fair elections. Unfortunately, this year we had a president who for months had tried to build doubt about the election. Widespread fraud in the 2020 election is a lie, a bright and shining lie, promulgated by those who seek to overthrow the election. This is also known as sedition.

However, I fully agree with the rest of your comment.

4 days ago