Riley campaign announces it has raised over $416,000


ENDICOTT — Josh Riley, the Democratic congressional candidate for New York's 22nd Congressional District, has announced that his campaign has raised more than $416,000 in its first two months.

“At a time when the country is so divided and our politics so dysfunctional, this campaign is focused instead on bringing people together to find common ground on issues that matter: revitalizing and strengthening the economy in Upstate New York and creating new jobs and opportunities for all, particularly in communities that have been left behind,” Riley said in a statement on Friday.

“Throughout history, Upstate New Yorkers have built things to address some of the nation’s biggest challenges. With today’s supply chain shortages to confront, there’s no question that this is a big moment — full of challenges but also opportunities — and I am hopeful because I know that Upstate New York can rise to meet the moment again. That’s why our campaign is offering an optimistic and bold vision for the future, and it’s why we’ve already gained so much support.”

Riley added that his "grassroouts campaign: has not accepted "a penny from corporate PACs (political action committees)."


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