Review: ‘Good Boys’ has good amount of heart


The new raunchy comedy “Good Boys” is better than it has any right to be. It’s a weak film overall, but it can be funny at times, and it has a good amount of heart.

Just imagine a racy, R-rated comedy script written by adults, and then performed by a bunch of 12-year-olds trying their best. It’s not about to go down as an all-time classic, but “Good Boys” is good for a couple of laughs.

It all depends on how much you enjoy watching little kids not understand sex.

Sixth-grader Max has just been invited to his first kissing party with the cool kids, and he wants to bring along his best pals, Lucas and Thor. So begins a comedy of errors as the boys must deal with a stolen drone, older girls, frat boys, a busy six-lane highway and, most dangerous of all, growing up.

The best thing “Good Boys” has going for it is heart. This is the sort of smart comedy where the filmmakers know they can’t keep this thing afloat with swearing sixth-graders alone. As the three boys go about their crazy day, their friendship is tested and they have to learn important life lessons about growing up and growing apart.

You don’t always stay with the best friends you made in kindergarten, and that’s a harsh lesson to learn when you’re only 12-years-old. “Good Boys” puts its main characters through their emotional paces, and the movie and the characters are all the better for it.

Beyond those life lessons, however, the film is just as ribald as you’d expect, and none of it done particularly well.

All of the children in the film are entertaining enough, even if they’re just reciting lines given to them by grown ups instead of actually acting. You can’t fault them for trying, but it does make the film a bit flimsy.

The material stays the same all throughout the film, and there are a couple of laughs here and there. But overall, “Good Boys” is just a mildly entertaining film that really goes for broke with the cussing kids.


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