Remember, it’s just a movie


In the Netflix film “Bird Box,” a mysterious force overtakes Earth, causing masses of people to do suicidal things.

The only protection is to wear a blindfold for all outdoor activities -- canoeing, driving, shooting guns -- because the force enters people’s brains through their visual cortex.

So, of course, there’s a new fad called the “Bird Box” challenge, in which people around the country are attempting incredibly dangerous things while blindfolded, like driving or giving each other tattoos. It’s almost as if their brains have been seized by a mysterious force that makes them do suicidal things.

The results have been as disastrous as you might expect, including a Utah teenager who crashed her car into another vehicle while driving blindfolded, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Netflix felt compelled to issue a plea to its millions of viewers to be careful.

Something stronger may be needed. A blunter statement might be: “Let’s stop being stupid..”


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