Red Cap ambassadors promote heart health


This year’s Red Cap Ambassadors of America’s Greatest Heart Run & Walk are:

• Ryan LeoGrande, an economic development program specialist at Empire State Development and father of three. As a teen, LeoGrande was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse, and doctors said they’d keep an eye on it. In 2012, he was having heart palpitations, and was diagnosed with AFib, an arrythmia. In 2018, when he was 18, he passed out early one morning, and went to the ER. While there, he watched himself flatline. Since then, LeoGrande has lost 100 pounds and lives a healthy lifestyle.

• Tera Davis is a 36-year-old woman with Down’s Syndrome. Davis had open-heart surgery when she was a newborn, and today, has a strong and healthy heart. She is active with the ARC in Marcy and at her church. Davis’ parents, Elizabeth and Mark Connolly, want to reassure parents of babies who need to have surgery that things will be ok.

• John Nogas, a longtime Heart Walk participant, is 58, and had the kind of heart attack known as a widowmaker in February 2019. His sister knew what was happening and got help immediately. Nogas is a strong proponent for the good care available at local hospitals.

Red Cap Ambassadors serve as spokespeople for America’s Greatest Heart Run & Walk, helping to inspire others to fight heart disease and stroke.  


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