Rain can’t stop the mail or dampen tot’s Halloween enthusiasm


When he entered pre-school, Peter Corigliano IV was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up. The 3-year-old said he wanted to become a mailman, and of course, his aspiration became the idea for this year’s Halloween costume, said mom Ashley Corigliano.

“He said that’s what he wanted to be,” the mom chuckled.

Little Peter has actually become friends with their neighborhood mailman Andy Wendt, who delivers mail daily to their Walnut Street home.

“He actually looks for him and will talk to him,” Ashley said of Peter and his postal worker friend. When Peter began playing make-believe mailman, he did request an official mail truck to assist him in making his rounds. So Ashley employed the help of her mother-in-law, Carlene Corigliano, who with some craft and creativity, came up with the cardboard creation.

“The truck is actually built around Peter’s Radio Flyer wagon,” Ashley described. “It’s all made of cardboard and my mother-in-law painted it just like a mail truck. She came up with the design. The back lights actually light up. There’s even little lights inside that she purchased from the Dollar Store.”

Unfortunately the pouring rain on Halloween night kept Peter from delivering smiles inside his mail truck to family and friends while trick-or-treating. But he was able to roll out in full uniform when the weather was nicer the day before.


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