Questions about New York City’s new birth certificates


Last week there was a small article in the paper announcing a new gender option on birth certificates for residents in New York City. That new gender option is “X”, or, undesignated.

Based on the innate intelligence of human beings around the world, the last I knew the gender of a newborn child has always been documented according to the anatomical appearance at birth.

There was nothing complicated about it. At birth, the child was either male or female.

The facts are still the same today, with the birth certificate verifying the gender at the time of said birth.

This was not a document for a future possibility, nor to state that parents did not know what the newborn’s gender was by looking at said newborn.

Apparently, it took time and money to add “X”, and I am wondering if there would be a follow up article which would answer:

Was this law voted in by the millions of residents of NYC, or, was it put into place without such a vote by their “employees,” the elected officials of NYC?

If there was no populace vote, will the printing of these new forms be paid for by the taxpayers of NYC, or, be paid for from the salaries of the officials who opted for this new law?

How much time was taken to form and pass this law, which should/could have been spent on more pertinent real-time issues?

Since New York CITY officials confirm that it is following other West Coast STATES by implementing this law, does this also mean that the rest of New York State will soon follow suit with an Albany only approval?

— Jeanne M. Stone, Rome


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