‘Project Power’ packs a visual punch


Netflix delivers again with “Project Power” a stylish, action-packed super-powers movie to keep us entertained while theaters remain closed.

Movie theaters show no signs of reopening in New York, and a lot of health officials advise against going even if they do open. Fortunately, Netflix and other streaming services have been on a role with new movies, and “Project Power” is another fun ride. It is one of the most stylish movies I have seen this pandemic, with a real wild and frantic take on what it might actually be like to have super-powers.

It also helps that top tier actors like Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt command the lead roles.

A new drug called “Power” has hit the streets of New Orleans, granting random super-powers to ordinary people for five minutes at a time. Gordon-Levitt plays Frank, a police detective who is not above using the drug himself to even the playing field against the city’s criminals (the drug makes him invulnerable). Foxx plays The Major, a man on a mission to track down the source of the drug for his own mysterious reasons.

Relative newcomer Dominique Fishback plays Robin, a high school student who has turned to selling the drug to pay for her mother’s medication, and somehow she gets mixed up in all of this.

“Project Power” is all about style. From the slick, rain-soaked streets of New Orleans at night, to the wild and crazy power showcases whenever somebody takes the drug. This movie has big screen visual effects, unlike any superhero movie we’ve seen so far. Whether its one guy with fire powers, another who can blend in like a chameleon to Gordon-Levitt being able to take a bullet to the face, “Project Power” put a lot of time and effort into what super powers might actually look like in a real world setting.

Beyond the great look of the film, “Project Power” has a winning cast. Foxx and Gordon-Levitt are as charming as they have been on the big screen, and they make for a pair of fun-to-watch heroes. Fishback, likewise, makes a great name for herself in the teenage sidekick role. The three of them just work really well together.

The story is also pretty interesting. The movie has an explanation for how the drugs work and where they come from, and it helps to hold the movie together. The film builds nicely as it introduces our main characters and brings them together against the bad guys.

It doesn’t look like we’re going to get movie theaters back for a long time. Thankfully, streaming services like Netflix are putting out enjoyable action flicks like “Project Power” to tide us over.


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