Praise for ‘no’ vote that blocked study


Congratulations to the Rome Board of Education members that rejected Superintendent Peter Blake’s project to fund an independent corporation to study inclusion and diversity in the school system. Sadly, some board members voted to continue the wasteful spending on the project that has been funded for the last 2 1/2 years. This was an attempt by Mr. Blake to use the third party corporation to justify forcing Critical Race Theory upon all of our innocent young minds, from kindergarten to 12th grade.

I venture to say that if you polled the taxpayer on this issue, 99% of them would have no idea that this has been going on for 21/2 years. Thankfully, it is over but after talking to numerous parents and students, I suspect that this radical program of indoctrination has already been wrongfully used in our district by some teachers. I would like to know how much money Mr. Blake has wasted.

We live in the year 2021, not 1820, 1900, 1920 or 1950. Yes, politicians, judges and racists fostered the Jim Crow laws to segregate the races. The English Americans made life difficult for the German immigrants, Irish need not apply was openly advertised. Italian, Polish and Jewish immigrants took their lumps. but all of that is behind us. We live today in the most open and opportunistic country in the world, where anyone, Black, White or a minority person can succeed in life without the yoke of racism to stop them.

The Daily Sentinel article mentioned that Mr. Blake was openly upset by the board’s vote, and that he was clearly blindsided. I agree.

— Rocco L. Versace, Rome


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