Praise for boy who rescued injured cat


I am writing two compliment you on your front page article Nov. 10 shining a light on the remarkable 11-year-old who saved a seriously injured cat. I hope you see this, Jayden, because I want to say thank you for being such an awesomely caring, compassionate and, yes, courageous human being.

“Lucky” is a very appropriate name for the cat, as she was certainly fortunate to cross paths with you and your grandmother. I know you will continue to give your cat all the love and care needed for its recovery. I must also say — to the driver who hit the cat and then callously left it suffering in the middle of the road: Shame on you. And to the Camden vet and any other vets contacted when care was being sought for the cat: Double shame on you.

For a veterinary service to choose not to use its skills to help an animal so desperately in need of them is truly appalling. Thanks to the Clinton vet for stepping up and doing what a vet should do. Thank goodness this cat was found by Jayden and his grandmother who persevered to get care for “Lucky” despite the roadblocks put in their path by those who should have been helping them.

— Gloria Nellenbach, Rome


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