LETTER: Plenty can be done to curb violence without taking away guns


A recent editorial in the Sentinel basically implied there is nothing regulatory that can be done to reduce gun violence. That is hogwash, but exactly what the gun lobby wants you to believe.

Consider the following options which don’t involve taking any guns from anyone.

1. Treat any gun that can fire 10 shots in less than 10 seconds as a machine gun.  There are over 700,000 machine guns out there that are closely regulated and never show up in gun violence reports. Don’t worry about trying to define an “assault rifle.”

2. Make lax control and storage of the weapons a major felony if guidelines are not followed.  Blame the owner and imprison them if their gun is stolen or used in any crime, accident or suicide.

3. Put a huge tariff and tax on the purchase of any weapon and ammunition and use the proceeds to compensate victims. Make weapons and ammunition so expensive that an average teenager could never afford them.

4.  Remove the protection from legal action that the manufacturers currently have.  (I expect legal action would force most into bankruptcy very shortly thereafter.)

5.  Make the 21 the minimum age to purchase any weapon. 

6.  Require licensing and registration for all weapons, including mandatory training.

7. Establish a buy-back program for all weapons.

8. Require gun-owners to have insurance to compensate victims. After all, there are about 50,000 every year.

None of these impact the ownership of guns, but put the burden of preventing gun violence on the gun owner. Where it should be. This problem can be addressed, with courage in the politicians.

— Mike Corbett, Rome


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