Pick the right pet when choosing to adopt a second or third


As pet owners we know how much joy and companionship they can bring to our lives.

But having multiple pets can enrich each others lives as well as ours.

Multiple pets aren’t for everyone, but if you think adopting a second or third pet is something you might want to do, just remember to take your time and make sure the pet you choose is the right one for your household. 

There are benefits to multiple pet households such as more companionship for you as well as more joy and happiness.

More than one pet gives you more friends to snuggle with, more fun during play time and more companions to make you laugh and comfort you when you need a lift.

They offer companionship for each other. You can’t always be around so multiple pets can play together and entertain each other. It can keep them entertained during the time you are away from them and can help prevent boredom and can possibly help with separation anxiety.

If you currently have no pets and are sure you’d like to have two, adopting litter mates may be a good choice. Your local shelter may have two potential adoptees who are already bonded and need a home where they can stay together. 

Stop in at the Humane Society of Rome and meet the wonderful animals that are waiting there to find their forever homes. Maybe you’ll meet your new family member there.

Meet a couple bonded pairs who are looking for loving families to adopt them:

Brutis — Brutis is a 6-year-old male Mastiff mix. He is far from a “brute.” He is a sweet calm boy who loves people and other animals. He is also great on a leash. Come down to the shelter and ask to meet him. You wont be disappointed.

Bugs and Lilac: Bugs is male 6-month-old kitten. He is one of the best, lovable kittens here. He will purr and rub heads, cuddle and snuggle right up to you.

Lilac is a female 6-month-old, loving, sweet kitten that enjoys rubbing heads with you, purring, cuddling and being held. She is so excited to think you are coming to visit and take her home to play and cuddle with you.

Bugs and his sister Lilac are a bonded pair. They love each other so much, they want to home together. Come visit them soon so they can give you lots of love and cuddles.


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