People should educate themselves about masks


Just how effective are cloth masks against Covid-19? The answer varies from mask to mask. They found that the effectiveness of the masks varied widely: a three-layer knitted cotton mask blocked an average 26.5% particles in the chamber, while a washed, two-layer woven nylon mask with a filter insert and metal nose bridge blocked 79 percent of particles on average.

Here is a little tidbit. Most “cloth masks” are two layer not three, which lessens the effectiveness of the mask against Covid-19. Because of this, the average cloth mask is not very effective against Covid. It only protects you to actually less than the 26.5% of the time. Covid 19 is a virus not bacteria. High-quality N95 and K95 face masks provide the best protection against COVID-19 infection, according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study released Friday.

The fact is that bacteria are much larger than viruses. Viruses are quite a bit smaller than bacteria. They aren’t even a full cell. They are simply genetic material (DNA or RNA) packaged inside of a protein coating. They need to use another cell’s structures to reproduce. The largest of them are smaller than the smallest bacteria. Unlike bacteria, viruses can’t survive without a host. They can only reproduce by attaching themselves to cells. In most cases, they reprogram the cells to make new viruses until the cells burst and die. In other cases, they turn normal cells into malignant or cancerous cells.

These are the real honest to goodness facts. I encourage you to educate yourself. Don’t accept just because the “government” says so. If you do not believe me, check it out for yourself. 

— Walter E Beverly III, Rome


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