‘Outside the Wire’ will delight action movie fans


Action movie fans should find a lot to enjoy in the new Netflix original film “Outside the Wire”.

With the pandemic still wreaking havoc on Hollywood and traditional movie theaters, Netflix plans to fill the new movie void with a ton of original content this year. Their first big release is the boots-on-the-ground war movie “Outside the Wire”, which mixes interesting characters with semi-futuristic warfare.

This is a nice mix of action war movie and philosophical conundrums.

In war-torn Ukraine in 2036, a young, by-the-books drone pilot is headed for a court marshal when he is instead diverted to the command of the controversial Captain Leo. Leo is an off-the-books, outside-the box special operative who goes behind enemy lines to do the dirty work — he’s also a highly advanced android. It’s a whole thing.

The heart of “Outside the Wire” is the existence of Leo as an android built for war. Played by Anthony Mackie, one of the big screen Avengers, Leo is stronger, faster, smarter and a better fighter than any human soldier. But since he’s essentially a robot, and the country can make more of him, the question becomes whether or not that’s a good idea.

Leo is partnered with drone pilot Harp, played by Damson Idris, who has a great storyline about this movie essentially being his first day in real combat. He’s a skilled drone operator, but he doesn’t know the first thing about fighting bad guys face-to-face. So the movie creates this entertaining dynamic between Harp, the rookie, and Leo, the combat veteran, and that dynamic helps keep “Outside the Wire” moving.

On top of that is the idea that Leo, an android, is just a fancier type of drone. So “Outside the Wire” has some interesting themes and messages to play around with alongside all of the shooting and action scenes. That keeps the movie from being too predictable or too boring.

“Outside the Wire” is more of a shooter than a thinker, but it’s got enough of both to make for a worthwhile movie watching experience.


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