Oneida schools tout green, cost-saving measure


Peachjar proves to be an environmentally friendly cost-saving measure during the first 18 months of use for the Oneida City School District.

According to the company, more than 650,000 sheets of paper and 78 trees have been saved since the district started using Peachjar in December 2016. In paper savings alone the district saved nearly $3,000.

“We are excited to continue to offer an environmentally friendly and innovative technology such as Peachjar to our families,” said District Superintendent Mary-Margaret Zehr. “Peachjar has saved the district and our community partners significant costs by reducing paper and copy costs as well as allowing Oneida to efficiently send communications and information directly to our parents.”

The “green” initiative eliminates the need to send flyers home with students. Instead, the flyer is uploaded as a PDF to the school website, where parents have easy access to the information. Parents can even sign up for an email alert each time a new flyer is posted to the site. The service also allows outside organization to post approved flyers to the site for a fee, which is typically less than the cost of printing flyers. The district only approves flyers that promote an educational experience for students or parents.

Peachjar is accessible at and through our new Oneida City School District app.


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