Oneida police warn of driveway asphalt pavement scams


CITY OF ONEIDA — A scam involving driveway asphalt pavements is being reported in the area and the Oneida Police Department wants to warn local residents.

Police said local elderly residents in the Oneida area reported some unknown persons in an unmarked vehicle claiming they wanted to help pave the victims’ driveway. Police said the vehicle had no business markings and New Jersey license plates.

Police said the scam involves someone claiming they work for an asphalt company and that they have leftover material from another job in the area.

The scammer quotes a low price in offering to use the excess asphalt on your driveway, only to do a shoddy job using only a portion of the asphalt needed to properly coat your driveway.

The scammer will then claim that the job will cost them considerably more and demand more money than they originally quoted, police said.

The department is urging residents to be cautious about hiring unknown individuals and companies to conduct any work on their private property.

Always ask for business information, insurance information and the identification of anyone you decide to hire and pay to do work at your home.


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