Oneida County March restaurant inspections

Posted 5/4/19

Oneida County Health Department inspectors conduct unannounced and periodic checks of food service establishments to determine if they comply with the state codes, rules and regulations. Here are …

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Oneida County March restaurant inspections


Oneida County Health Department inspectors conduct unannounced and periodic checks of food service establishments to determine if they comply with the state codes, rules and regulations.

Here are Health Department ratings after inspections in March:

Critical violations:

The Corner Diner Too, 57 E. State St., Sherrill: Large can of corned beef hash found in the refrigerator at 80F. When questioned, cook said the can was being stored beside the grill for the morning and returned to refrigeration after an undetermined amount of time. Corrected, voluntarily discarded.

Domino’s Pizza, 2427 Chenango Road, Utica: Spray bottle filled with a solution near food prep was not labeled. Corrected. Other violations: The walk-in cooler did not have a thermometer - corrected. There was not a sanitizing bucket set up - corrected. Paper towel dispenser was not dispensing paper towels - corrected.

Fat Boy’s Deli, 4452 Commercial Drive, New Hartford: Chicken held at 126 degrees F for more than two hours. Corrected by throwing out.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, 8512 Seneca Turnpike, New Hartford: Sheet pan of fried chicken in hot holding had a temperature of 121degrees F for less than 2 hours. Corrected by reheating to 165 degrees F. Other violations: The walk-in cooler did not have a thermometer on the inside of the unit

Floor near dishwashing area has many missing tiles. Floor near hand wash station also has missing tiles. The floor of the Walk-in freezer has packaging & random debris on the floor throughout.

Wendy’s 8505 Seneca Turnpike, New Hartford: Spicy chicken tenders at 135 for unknown amount of time; voluntarily discarded.

Prop’s Inn, 144 Genesee St., New Hartford: Raw ground beef stored over ready to serve condiment cups in sub cooler. Corrected by moving raw ground beef to bottom shelf. 

Container of uncooked breaded fish being stored inside a container slightly larger in size with ice, fish found at 55F for less than one hour. Corrected by moving container into refrigerated storage. 

Ralph Perry Junior High School, Weston Road, New Hartford: Hose with the end lying in the mop sink is connected to a hose bib without a vacuum breaker, creating a cross-connection. 

NYS School for the Deaf, 401 Turin St., Rome: Hamburgers in the hot holding unit were found to be between 110F and 125F. The hamburgers were in the holding unit for less than one hour as per interviews with the kitchen manager and staff. Corrected: All hamburgers were reheated to 165F and returned to the hot holding unit. The temperature of the unit was increased. 

Forestport Diner, 12226 Woodhull Road: Large cooked corned beef found covered at 140F in back room refrigerator for 20 minutes with internal temperature of refrigerator at 52F. Moved to kitchen refrigerator and left uncovered to cool properly. One large bowl of batter for fish stored on counter top for less than 45 minutes at 60F. Corrected by storing bowl in ice bath. 

Top of the Morning Cafe, 414 Trenton Ave., Utica: Cream pie in the dessert cooler was found to be 52F. The pie was in the cooler for one day. Corrected: The pie was discarded in the garbage. Non-critical violation: Grime and food debris on the floor behind the cooler in the kitchen, and below the sink. 

Chris’s Grub and Pub, 416 W. Dominick St., Rome: Raw eggs found stored over ready to serve foods in walk-in cooler. Corrected — eggs moved to bottom shelf. 

Stathis Green Gyros, 1900 Genesee St., Utica: One large metal tray of approximately 8 lbs of cooked rice on counter at 69°F for 2 hours, according to owner. Rice voluntarily discarded. Corrected. 

Non-critical violation: Ice scoop stored buried in ice machine. 

Rio Grande Tex Mex Grill, 3913 Oneida St., New Hartford: Two pans of two pounds of freshly made salsa at 62°F in chip buffet for one hour, according to owner. Salsa placed in ice bath and cooled to below 45°F. Corrected. Foods in top portion of prep cooler in main kitchen area is 50-57°F. Guacamole at 50 for one hour, chorizo at 57°F for one hour, shredded taco cheese at 50°F for one hour, according to owner. All foods moved to lower portion of cooler and temperatures lowered to below 45°F. Corrected. Non-critical violations: Dirty wiping cloths on counter, not properly stored in sanitizing solution. Floor dirty with food debris in walk in cooler.

China House Oneida, 3913 Oneida St., Washington Mills: Approximately five pounds of cooked sweet and sour chicken in metal bowl on counter at 107°F for 30 min, according to food worker. Chicken placed in walk in cooler and temperature lowered to 45°F or less. Corrected. Non-critical violations: Cardboard boxes reused to store cooked chicken. Doors on prep cooler dirty with grease and food debris. 

With violations:

Dippin Donuts, 8483 Seneca Turnpike, New Hartford: Large bin of white sugar is not labeled. Thermometer that is hanging on the shelf in the walk-in cooler is broken.

River Road Head Start, 9882 River Road, Utica: Did not have thermometers inside two of the refrigerators.

Denny’s, 8548 Seneca Turnpike, New Hartford: Food prep cooler across from cook line needs to be cleaned. 3 bins on cook line holding toothpicks for sandwiches need to be cleaned. Kitchen floor, on cook line needs to be cleaned. 

Pizza Hut, 8400 Seneca Turnpike, New Hartford: Some of the wire shelving is coated with a greasy, dusty residue.

Pin-O-Rama Lanes, 1724 Genesee St., Utica: there is a leak under the hand washing sink. 

Hand washing sink was missing handwash sign and there were no paper towels. Floors under the fryers have a residue build up and random debris. Light shield in the kitchen area is broken. Air vent above food prep area has a thick coating of dust.

Dunkin Donuts, 31 Schuyler St., Utica: Sanitizing wiping cloth was not being stored in the solution bucket, observed it laying on counter by coffee machines. 

McDonald’s, 8522 Seneca Turnpike, New Hartford: One food service worker preparing food without hair properly restrained. 

Marquee Cinemas, 11 Ellinwood Drive, New Hartford: Popcorn scoops stored improperly in bins containing cooked popcorn. Scoop handles were stored so that contamination could occur during service. Corrected by moving scoops in an upright position. Handwashing sink in back preparation area found with no hand washing sticker, no paper towels, and no hand soap. Corrected by filling paper towel dispenser, hand soap, and replacing handwashing sticker. 

Hideaway Pub, 8317 Old Floyd Road, Rome: Bar floor has chipped and missing tile. 

White Lake Inn and Ice Cream, 12676 Route 28, Woodgate: Leaking boxes of raw chicken stored on the floor of the walk-in cooler. Ice scoop is stored on the top of the ice machine in the basement that is covered with dust and dirt. Take out containers are stored on the floor of the pizza kitchen. Pizza boxes are stored on the floor of the side storage room. Walkin cooler is missing a thermometer. Cheese in the unit was 45F. Pepsi cooler in the kitchen is missing a thermometer. Celery in the cooler was 36F. Open top cooler is missing a thermometer. Sliced tomatoes in the cooler were 37F. Grime and food debris on the shelving of the walk-in cooler in the kitchen. pool of raw chicken blood from leaking boxes was observed on the floor of the walk-in cooler in the kitchen. Grime and dirt on the kitchen floor and floor of the pizza kitchen. Bare wood exposed on the floor of the main kitchen, and in the pizza kitchen where the covering has been removed. Bare wood is porous and not cleanable. 

Garramone’s Restaurant, 11770 O’Brien Road, Forestport: Food debris on the bottom of the freezer. Grease built up on the ventilation hoods 

Manhoing Mayflower Chinese Food, 1730 Black River Blvd., Rome: Wire rack shelves in walk-in cooler need to be cleaned. Prep cooler across from cook line needs to be cleaned. 

Sumo Hibachi and Sushi, 4671 Commercial Drive, New Hartford: Bare wood porous shelves under sink area are dirty and not easily cleanable. 

Taste of China Sherrill, 618 Sherrill Road, Sherrill: Floor is dirty with grease & food debris under fryers & stoves.

Nothin Fancy Country Rock Saloon, 10 Ruth St., Vernon

No violations:

Madison-Oneida BOCES Alternative Cafeteria, 4937 Spring Road, Verona

Madison-Oneida BOCES Culinary Arts, 4937 Spring Road, Verona

Accelerate Sports, 5241 Judd Road, Whitesboro

Oneida Travel Starbucks Coffee, 5365 Route 233, Westmoreland

Clark Mills Volunteer Fire Dept, 7700 Main St.

McDonald’s, 1134 Mohawk St., Utica

Kernan School, 929 York St., Utica

John F. Hughes School, 24 Prospect St., Utica

Utica Public Library, 303 Genesee St.

The Lodge at Headwaters, 13524 Route 12, Boonville

Holy Cross Academy, 4020 Barrington Road, Oneida

McAllister School, 217 Kinsley St., Sherrill

Oneida Travel Plaza Burger King, 5365 Route 233, Westmoreland

Hampton Inn Rome, 1352 Floyd Ave

Conmed, 525 French Road, Utica

Karam’s Middle East Bakery, 137 Campbell Ave., Yorkville

Wingate Rome, 90 Dart Circle

Subway, 8455 Seneca Turnpike, New Hartford

Wanna Play Cafe, 15 Auert St., Utica

Snacks Off the Tracks, 321 Main St., Utica

Hampton Inn and Suites New Hartford, 201 Woods Park Drive

Dunkin Donuts, 9827 River Road, Utica

Dick Smith’s Tavern, 1312 Schuyler St., Utica

Lt. Victor Giles Post 6530 VFW, 77-79 Main St, Camden

Grape-N-Grog, 85 Taberg Road, Camden

Liberty Lanes Bowling Resort, 9660 Mill St., Camden

Johanne’s Coffee News and Grocery, 400 South St., Utica

The Greenhouse Brew, 552 Sherrill Road, Sherrill

Forestport Elementary School, 10275 Route 28

Durhamville Elementary School, 5462 Main St.

Noyes Manor Apartments, 600 West Hinds Ave., Sherrill

Jones School, 2630 Remington Road, Utica

Upstate Cerebral Palsy Chadwicks, 3390 Brooks Lane

Church of the Holy Family, 4352 Peterboro St., Vernon

Ziyara Shriner’s, 8209 Halsey Road, Whitesboro

Junior Junction Day Care, 2215 Genesee St., Utica

Bonomo’s Dari Creme, 7589 Route 5, Clinton

Burger King, 68 Seneca Turnpike, New Hartford

VFW Remsen Memorial Post 982, 10526 Steuben St.

Stinger’s Bar and Grill, 9606 Main St., Remsen

The Soda Fountain, 9698 Main St., Remsen

American Legion Post 161, 9550 Depot St., Holland Patent

Floyd Volunteer Fire Department, 8367 Old Floyd Road

Benni’s Place, 9543 Main St., Holland Patent

Lajlasajla, 331 S. Main St., Utica

Boonville Senior Center, 105 Ann St.

Sodexo at SUNY-IT Campus Center, 100 Seymour Road, Utica

Sodexo at SUNY-IT Campus Center, Route 12, Utica

Adirondack Eatery, 11826 Woodhull Road, Forestport

Remsen Elementary School, 9733 Main St.

Remsen High School, 9733 Main St.

Adirondack Central High School, 8181 Route 294, Boonville

Slim’s Restaurant, 129 Main St., Boonville

New Hartford High School, 33 Oxford Road

Holland Farms Bakery and Deli, 50 Oriskany Blvd., Yorkville

West Side Senior Center, 711 Court St., Utica

Tavern at Taberge, 4321 Lee Center Taberg Road

Kratzy’s Bar and Grill, 10169 Route 28, Alder Creek

Empire Smokehouse Deli, 821 Oriskany Blvd., Yorkville

Enriched Living Center, 901 Park Ave., Utica

Castlewood Cafe, 1307 Champlin Ave., Utica

The Beer Hub, 2643 Genesee St., Utica

Burker King, 106 S. Madison St., Rome

Big Daddy’s Sandwiches, 500 N. James St., Rome

Rosato’s Pizzeria and Bakery, 1024 Champlin Ave., Utica

Black River Ale House, 1747 Black River Blvd., Rome

Toccolana Club, 1412 E. Dominick St., Rome

Fat Boys, 433 W. Thomas Street, Rome

Stanwix Vets and Men’s Club, 6774 Lamphear Road, Rome

Paul’s Pub at Meatball Madness at Utica College

BBG’s at Meatball Madness at Utica College

Ancora at Meatball Madness at Utica College

Chesterfield Tavolo at Meatball Madness at Utica College

Squeezer’s Lemonade and Kettle Corn 5499 Woodlawn Place, Utica

Swifty’s Restaurant and pub at Meatball Madness at Utica College

Holiday Inn Utica at Meatball Madness at Utica College

Kitlas at Meatball Madness at Utica College

Ambasador Restaurant at Meatball Madness at Utica College

Aqia Vino at Meatball Madness at Utica College

Carmella’s Cafe at Meatball Madness at Utica College

Village Pub at Meatball Madness at Utica College

Balanced Chef at Meatball Madness at Utica College

Bossone Sausage and Meat at Meatball Madness at Utica College

Bella Regina at Meatball Madness at Utica College

Old School Bar and Grill at Meatball Madness at Utica College

Core LIfe Eatery, 4517 Commercial Drive, New Hartford

Denny’s 180 N. Genesee St., Utica

Cafe Canole, 1 Campion Road, New Hartford

99 West Restaurant and Pub, 8675 Clinton St., New Hartford

Tom Cavallo’s, 40 Genesee St., New Hartford

Sunset Wood Apartments, 118 Genesee St., New Hartford

Pedro’s Kitchen, 4648 Commercial Drive, New Hartford

Polish Community Club, 810 Columbia St., Utica

Alee’s, 247 Elizabeth St., Utica

A Moveable Feast, 8411 Seneca Turnpike, New Hartford

Primo Pizzerie at The Kettle, 7756 Route 5, Clinton

Spaghetti Kettle, 7756 Route 5, Clinton

Applebee’s, 4755 Commercial Drive, New Hartford

Eddie’s Restaurant, 901 Main St., Sylvan Beach

Eddie’s on the Beach, 611 Park Ave., Sylvan Beach

The Spaghetti Factory, 6800 Route 13, Verona Beach

J.D. George Elementary, Main Street., Verona

Tony’s Pizza and Deli, 41 College St., Clinton

Subway, 32 College St. Clinton

Boyz From Italy, 262 W. Dominick St., Rome

Ebeneezer’s Cafe and Creamery, 624 Sherrill Road, Sherrill

Wettel Elementary School, 4329 Peterboro St., Vernon

Sloppy Joe’s Pizza, 54 New Hartford Shopping Center

The Slaughtered Lamb Pub, 116 W. Main St., Waterville

Michael’s Fine Food and Spirits, 7672 Route 20, Waterville

411 Tower St., Waterville

Piggy Pat’s BBQ, 3955 Edgebrook Place, Washington Mills

Paul’s Pub, 1002 South St., Utica

Daniele Imports, 1556 Mohawk St., Utica

O’Scugnizzo Pizzeria, 614 Bleecker St., Utica


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